Butterflies in May: "Punched Tin" Butterflies Completed!

Butterfly 16

As promised, a follow-up re: "punched tin" butterfly project!!

As you can see above, my butterflies are punched, cut, cleaned, and drying! Tomorrow I get to add them toÂ…..


Butterfly tree

my butterfly tree!

Butterfly 10

Before introducing you to each little butterfly individually, I wanted to offer a few more tips that you might find useful. (And remember - full tutorial here!)

You will find cutting around your butterflies much easier if you will always cut toward the right and upwards. (Lefties - I am so sorry - never tried this lefthanded. ) In the image above, the cut is very easy to make along the top edge of the wing until you arrive at the mid-point. If you try to contort your cutting tool and continue cutting the rest of the wing, cutting can be difficult and awkward. Don't fight it!

Butterfly 11


Butterfly 12

Simply turn your work over and cut the uncut side of the wing from the wrong side of your work. 1000 times easier!

Butterfly 13


Butterfly 14

This goes for all small areas as well. Soooooo much easier to work from both sides of the punched design than to try to force your cutting tool into awkward positions.

Butterfly 14

I have found that tin snips, scissors and heavy duty curved toe nail scissors all work extremely well when cutting roof flashing, and aluminum food containers. Tin sheets usually require tin snips although the toe nail scissors are very useful for tiny places.

I specify toe nail scissors with a curved blade because the scissors can be turned to work with your direction of cut - inside curve or outside curve. They are fabulous for tiny places and tight curves.

Butterflies 20

Butterflies punched, cut and sharpie design lines removed! Again, refer to the full tutorial for adding bead bodies and antennae.

In the photos below, you will no doubt notice that the glue (Aleene's Super Tacky) is showing a little on each side of the bead. Not a problem as the glue dries clear and becomes almost invisible.

I have tried using a smaller amount of glue so that it wouldn't show at all, but sadly, the beads popped off and left me with naked butterflies.

Another option for attachment would be to wire the beads onto the metal. And if this works better for you - do it!!

After posting the original tutorial, I received numerous requests for information regarding a source for long slender beads. I get my butterfly body beads from Fire Mountain - the information is attached to the original post.

And now even before the poor things have time to dry, a little introduction to my brand new butterflies!

Yellow Crested Spangle Butterfly

Yellow Crested Spangle

Crimson Lanka Butterfly

Crimson Lanka

Butterfly Maryline

The mystery butterfly from Marylines site Mary and Patch. If anyone recognizes this butterfly, please won't you identify it for me?

Added after post: Thank you Silvia (Madame Renard) for solving the mystery!  This is one of the Vanessa Butterflies - specifically Vanessa io or Peacock butterfly!  Look it up in google!  It comes from  a fabulous family!!!

Luna Moth

Luna Moth

I chose not to embellish these butterflies with beads wired onto the wings but if you want to try it - you can find the tutorial for that right here!

Next week - come back for embroidered butterflies!

Your butterflies turned out

Your butterflies turned out beautifully, Pam! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us! Love the pic of your butterfly tree! So happy!

Thank you Arielle!  The

Thank you Arielle!  The butterfly tree is my favorite of all my "seasonal" trees and gets to hang around the longest. 

Really beautiful, I

Really beautiful, I especially love your luna moth.

Oh thank you Sally!  I wasn't

Oh thank you Sally!  I wasn't sure a Luna moth would work out in metal - but it did!  

Pam, this post is so

Pam, this post is so appropriate for World Lupus Day! A friend has collate a 'Butterflies for Lupus' post on her blog featuring butterfly inspired art from people young and old

Thank you Annette!  I was not

Thank you Annette!  I was not aware it is World Lupus Day and am so happy you shared this link to the Nice and Fancy post featuring butterflies.



Thank you Kimberly!!  Being a

Thank you Kimberly!!  Being a dabbler - and a skilled one at that - I think you would beally enjoy playing in this medium.

Silvia!  I just looked up

Silvia!  I just looked up Vanessa Butterfly and you hit the nail right on top of it's head!!!  Thank you so much!

And wow!  What an amazing group of butterflies!  Between your nail polish idea and seeing all those varieties of Vanessa butterflies - Muse is out of control!!!

Silvia!  Nail Polish!

Silvia!  Nail Polish!  Brilliant! I never thought!  I've used sharpies to add color and been reasonably happy with the results, but nail polish is available in so many shades these days - Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Muse is all stirred up!!!

I will send a picture of the mystery butterfly via e-mail!  I just bet you will know what it is! Thank you.

Love your tree!!! :) I love

Love your tree!!! :)
I love all your butterflies.
I probably would add some color on the wings, probably with nail polish colours, which are a bit translucent. But it's only an idea that clocked on my brain when I saw your work, I can't imagine the final result.
About the mistery butterfly... its shape is similar to the shape of all the "Vanessa" butterflies. They are very common here in Italy. You probably know that butterflies are different in USA and in Europe. I can help you if you tell me something about its colours!