Butterflies in May: Embroidery Stitches New to Me!

Beginning Butterfly embroideries!

This month is not going quite as smoothly as planned - probably because I may have gotten a bit carried away with my butterfly project!!! Eyes bigger than my crafty time one could say!!! Or perhaps a skewed and unrealistic idea of the amount of time it takes to tap hundreds of tiny holes in tin or make hundreds of tiny stitches on fabric! So Â…. this is as far as I have gotten on three embroidered butterfly adventures!

The whole point of this adventure in butterfly embroidery is to create samplers of sorts and work with stitches new to me - or almost new to me! And once the sampler butterflies are completed, they will join the others already settled in on the butterfly tree!

Beginning Butterfly embroideries!

Julie over at Button, button has been tormenting me with images of crewel embroidery - you see there was a time when I would have a crewel project in my lap almost all of 24 hours a day! I miss playing with wool embroidery yarns. Thanks to gentle nudging from Julie, I am again enjoying the feel of beautiful crewel wool between my fingers!

Never played with lattice stitches much! But I am loving the texture they are bringing to the wing. 

Beginning Butterfly embroideries!

My original intention with this butterfly was to use a "single faggoting stitch" for the entire butterfly - in several shades of purple. However, working this stitch on a very tight weave (as opposed to a more defined weave like linen) is turning out to be a pain AND I am not doing a very good job of it. I started out great but tried finishing the stitching on the wing section while talking on the phone - and as you can see - I can't talk and stitch at the same time!!!

I will leave the irregular stitching but discard my idea of stitching every wing section in this stitch. Instead, this butterfly too will be a stitch sampler of new to me stitches - all worked in a single cotton thread - (also new to me).

Beginning Butterfly embroideries!

Black work! Now THIS is fun!!! Always been visually drawn to it but never tried my hand at it. Why did I wait so long? I am loving every minute I spend on this piece!

Last year, as part of the June 2013 issue of Bustle and Sew Magazine, Helen published a butterfly pattern with instructions for about 8 black work stitches. The minute I saw it I made up my mind that lovely black work butterfly definitely belonged on my to do list. If you are interested in black work - I recommend you snag yourself a copy! It is a great project for a beginner.  

I am a beginner!  And Just look at my beautiful stitches!!

Helen has made issues of the magazine available individually right here. And you can see the contents of the June 2013 issue right here. Every issue runs about 50 pages so there is much more crafty goodness to enjoy in addition to a beautiful black work butterfly!

Back soon with progress or maybe even results!!

Eyes bigger than available

Eyes bigger than available crafty time? I might be able to identify with that just a little! There are just too many lovely things to be made. And your butterflies are looking gorgeous.

Thank you Sally!  We shall

Thank you Sally!  We shall see!!!  Still a long way to go on these.  :-)

Oh Pam! These are beautiful!

Oh Pam! These are beautiful! I love seeing you stitch and share your progress. That black work is divine. I, too, have always been drawn to it, but have never tried it. This makes me want to take that leap! Love it! :)

Rachel!  Take the leap!

Rachel!  Take the leap!  Absolutely take the leap.  Very meditative and the results are precise and beautiful.  Take the leap!!!