Butterflies in May: Black Work Butterfly Update

Black work Butterfl.  Wing one done!

First Black Work butterfly wing completed!

And I am loving every minute spent working these intricate but simple stitches using one single tiny thin strand of embroidery floss!

Most likely, I will not complete my embroidered butterflies before the end of May as originally planned, but that's OK 'cause butterflies will be fluttering about on my Butterfly Tree until mid-July.

The pattern is available here in the June 2013 issue of Bustle and Sew Magazine. Past issues of Bustle and Sew Magazine are available right here - OR - you can sign up for a trial subscription right here!

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Helen, the creative mind behind Bustle and Sew designed this butterfly as part of a quilt block pillow or wall hanging. However, I am intending to make mine into a tree ornament - and because it is nearly 8" across, it will most likely be the new tree topper on my Butterfly Tree!

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! Never

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! Never seen anything like this! Your Black Work Butterfly, 1/2 finished is lovely as you're embroidering different stitches in small sections of a butterfly's wing. Pattern is available in June 2013 issue of Bustle and Sew magazine. THANKS for your update & I'm looking forward for your post when this project is completed. Sarah in Minneapolis

I am happy to hear ou like

I am happy to hear ou like Helen's butterfly so much!  And yes, if that was a question, the pattern IS in the June 2013 issue of Bustle and Sew magazine.  It includes the pattern, instructions for 10 stitches and the body stitch, a stitch guide and the issue itself shares information about the history of black work.

This is really stunning! I've

This is really stunning! I've wanted to try blackwork for years, and this pattern may just push me over the edge. :-)

Knowing your gene pool so

Knowing your gene pool so well, I am pretty sure Black Work is right up your alley!!!

it's soooo beauriful and

it's soooo beauriful and looking fracile like the real ones are.!!!
Love it, thank you for the sharing.
And it will be steanding gourgious at your butterly tree i think;-D
many XO's

I am glad to hear you like it

I am glad to hear you like it Jet!  I wish i could drop everything and just concentrate on finishing it!!  RIGHT NOW!!!

This is beautiful!!!!! i went

This is beautiful!!!!! i went over to Bustle and Sew! Neat online publication!!!! i really have to think about this butterfly! i love the look of it. Never knew blackwork was done with a single thread. It looks fantastic! I am totally enthralled!!!

Julie!  Wait til you start

Julie!  Wait til you start stitching!  :-)

Such beautiful work. I have

Such beautiful work. I have recently started a similar project I. Cross stich using a similarly colored burlap and black thread. I love all the detail in the butterfly and appreciate the attention to detail that it takes!

Ilike the look of the neutral

Ilike the look of the neutral colored canvas with black aw well.  When I was much much younger, I completed a black on burlap embroidery grill work pattern 4' x 6'.  Stupidly got rid of it.

It's looking really

It's looking really beautiful. And what amazingly, neat stitching.

Thank you Sally!  I love

Thank you Sally!  I love Helen's butterfly design and her pattern is beautifully presented.  Even I - a total beginner - can look like they know what they are doing!!!

It's a funny thing Arielle,

It's a funny thing Arielle,  but sometimes when I am crafting or stitching, many of my crafty friends, like you, are on my mind!  So in a way, you ARE right there!!


Your stitching looks

Your stitching looks gorgeous, Pam! Thanks for keeping us in-the-loop on your crafty progress. It makes it feel like we're right there crafting along with you!