Butterflies in May: Embroidered Wings to Share!

Butterfly wing - experimenting with single stran floss embroidery

Where oh where did I ever get the idea I was butterfly making super woman!!! Just barely managing to complete one wing on each of my embroidered butterflies this month! But it IS a good start - at the very least I know now what my stitched butterflies are going to look like!

Butterfly wing design using crewel embroidery wool

I just HAD to embroider a wood moth. We had one visit us a couple years ago and while I am famous for my fear of moths, this one was so huge (6") and beautiful and apparently quite comfortable in my sweetie's warm and gentle hands that I felt no fear. I simply memorized him so I could reproduce him in tin. And now - an embroidered version.

Because he was anything but delicate, I decided to use crewel wool; and because he was not terribly colorful, I selected yarn colors from the more muted color group in my stash.

As with all the embroidered butterflies I am stitching this month, I am trying out several new to me stitches.

Stitch key for wood moth: lattice stitch (upper wing), padded satin stitch (edge of upper wing), stem stitch (pink band), french knots (lower wing), satin stitch and raised dot stitch (lower wing detail), and split stitch (body).

Single Strand of Floss Butterfly wing pattern

Never in a million years would I have ever guessed I had the patience for and the passion for stitching with one single strand of cotton floss. Cotton floss has never been my "floss of choice" - and yet it is funny how much I am using it lately!!!

I almost always tended to use crewel wool for embroidery as it is wonderfully forgiving (my embroidery usually needs lots of forgiveness), and personally I feel it gives me control. Well! I have just finished learning that single strand cotton is equally forgiving and controllable!!! A huge and happy surprise!!

Wanting to create a very delicate "purple" single floss butterfly, I selected a few new to me stitches that I felt would give an openness and lightness to the wings.

Stitch key for "purple" butterfly: single fagging stitch (upper wing) , detached herringbone (center of upper wing, french knots (bottom of upper wing), seeding stitch (bottom wing), attached fly stitch (center of bottom wing), and long and short stitch (body).

Primstav progress shot

And for those who might be interested, here is a sneak peak at where I am at the moment on my Primstav embroidery! Getting close to Summer Solstice symbols.  There are two.  Will share why end of June.

My favorite symbol worked this month was the sun devouring a frosty snowflake - marking Valbourgs - April 30th.

I will share stories and detail concerning the meaning of each symbol as well as a preview of the second quarter - July 15 to October 13 - at the end of June and beginning July.

This has been a hugely satisfying and exciting project and I am eager to share what I have learned along the way. 

Peony time!

Planning to be a little scarce around here during the month of June. Computer upgrade scheduled previously was delayed so it is being completed in June. AND I need to rest up! Christmas in July is coming! And I have plans!!!

I am loving all the different

I am loving all the different stitches ! Butterflies are my favorite!

Thank you Donna!  It has been

Thank you Donna!  It has been fun to learn new stitches and I am really loving working with one thread!

Everything is beautiful as

Everything is beautiful as always!

Thank you Sandy!  Definitely

Thank you Sandy!  Definitely been an adveture!

I am loving these

I am loving these embroideries. I went back to the start of your Primstav posts and wow. I don't know how I missed it. Really, really fantastic concept & the detail + meanings are amazing.
The butterfly & moth stitching is really blowing me away, too. The details and stitches are so nice - I like embroidery, but never thought it could be so interesting & I love your choice of stitches. I'm glad you have a blog, because next time I want to embroider something, I will be using your stitches for inspiration - thanks for having the stitch names up there for a reference. Your french knots are enviable & I know there will be lattice stitch in my future. And those colors. Oh, the wood moth colors are so, so great.

My goodness Tammy!  thank you

My goodness Tammy!  thank you so much!  The primstav is definitely one of the best and most satisfying projects i have begun in a long time.  Seriously, I love every single minute i spend on it.  

Normally I would link to every stitch, but most everyone uses google these days ..................

If you do decide to get serious about embroidery, get one or both of these books:  "The Embroider's Handbook" by Margie Bauer  and "Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton.  Both are so great for people like you and me who like to let their muse wander and explore and then inspire.

You're stitching is coming

You're stitching is coming along beautifully, Pam! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your progress! Sending lots of big hugs your way!

Thank you Arielle.  Took the

Thank you Arielle.  Took the day off from making butterflies and Diane and I finally got to have our playdate.  We made Kanzashi ornaments using the fabrics you sent to me from Japan last fall.  Will send pix.

So glad you two were able to

So glad you two were able to have your playdate! Such fun! Can't wait to see photos!

All looking good, but I

All looking good, but I especially love your moth today. Moths have grown on me recently, not as bright and pretty but their muted colours definitely have their own beauty.

I agree, Sally.  Unusual and

I agree, Sally.  Unusual and fanciful shapes which translate well into punched tin.