Christmas in May! Kanzashi Tree Ornaments

Kanzashi ornaments

Diane and I finally were able to schedule a play date so we could indulge in some crafty experimentation with the lovely Chirimen Japanese crepe fabric Arielle sent to me before she left Okinawa last fall.

Kanzashi ornaments seemed a perfect way to use this gorgeous, fluid, drapey rayon crepe material.

As you can see, I selected sparkly snowflake buttons for the center of mine.

Diane made her's more flower-like. You can view her's here on Instagram!

Thank you Arielle! The only thing that would have made the day more perfect is if you could have joined us.

These look like such fun!

These look like such fun!

They ARE fun, Donna!  I never

They ARE fun, Donna!  I never tire of making Kanzashi.  

These are magnificent! I

These are magnificent! I have some silk kimono fabric I've been trying to decide what to do with; do you think it would work well for Kanzashi?

Silk is what is traditionally

Silk is what is traditionally used to make Kanzashi flowers - however, a sort of rice paste is also used to stiffen the fabric. Silk can be challenging to fold without practice.  Diane created several easy to fold styles in her book "Kanzashi in Bloom" designed to be used with cotton fabrics.  The crepe we used falls somewhere between cotton and silk.  Di actually tried some kimono silk she had on hand the day we were making these ornaments and she gave up quickly!  And she has had a lot of practice! 

Your kanzashi ornaments

Your kanzashi ornaments turned out beautiful, Pam! I'm loving the snowflakes you put in the centers! So glad you both enjoyed your play date! Wish I could have been there with you two to craft along, as well, but just knowing you both had fun makes me feel all smiley! :) Thank you both for all the creativity and beauty you add to the internet for all us readers to enjoy! (Your photography of your ornaments is gorgeous, too!)

Arielle!  We had so much fun!

Arielle!  We had so much fun!  Neither of us has played with Kanzashi in awhile, so this could have not been a more perfect day!! Due to the unique nature of the crepe fabric, we had to make a few adjustments to how we normally do things, but we are both thrilled with the results.  Again, thank you!

Making one for your tree soon!!! xo