Bobbi Lewin Teaches Me To Crochet Tea Pot Cozies to Fit My Oddly Shaped Tea Pots!

Completed Tea Pot Cozy!

I am so excited to share my first ever tea cozy I can't stand waiting another minute!

Seriously, this project has been the most rewarding project I have engaged in so far this year. That is primarily because I literally learned to make a tea pot cozy without a pattern; and the experience left me feeling empowered! I have the tools now to make a crocheted (and most likely a knitted) tea pot cozy for any tea pot of any shape!

I don't know about you, but when I have just learned something that takes my skills to a new level, I am pretty much dancing on air!

And I owe it all to Bobbi Lewin!

You might remember Bobbi - a new found Instagram friend who taught me to make Shamrocks earlier this year. Well - recently she created this tutorial right here on her blog Bobby Lewin.  The tutorial is designed to teach anyone knowing a few simple crochet techniques how to create a crocheted tea cozy to fit almost any weirdly shaped tea pot! And I am here to tell you that her tutorial works perfectly!

Crocheted Tea Pot Cozy

I happen to own this teeny tiny tea pot (4" tall) - made by me years ago in a college ceramics class. (Loved throwing - hated glazing so my career ended with this pot!)

Heathware treasure from the 60's

And I happen to own this gorgeous vintage (made in the '60's) Heathware Tea Pot - glazed in long ago discontinued turquoise. (What is it they say - true love lasts a lifetime?)

The problem - neither pot was made in the "traditional" tea pot shape which so nicely accommodates a typical knitted or crocheted tea cozy.

Crocheted Tea Pot Cozy

Enter Bobbi who happened to have the same problem and offered a perfect solution! A tutorial designed to take the mystery out of tea pot cozy making and to share how to make a cozy fit the size and shape of any tea pot!

For those of you who can crochet in your sleep - this is probably not for you! But for those of you new to crochet, as I certainly am, and who have learned single and double crochet, how to make a foundation chain, increase and decrease - this tutorial is for you! Trust me - if this timid crocheter (me) who is afraid to venture outside a pattern one tiny bit can do this - anyone can!!

Crocheted Tea Pot Cozy

True - I did have to pull out a row here and there when it was clear that my decreases or increases were too zealous - but what a thrill to be able to create a cozy that fits the contours perfectly!

Crocheted Tea Pot Cozy

Had to take this shot! Just love how the cozy almost looks like a bit of 3-D art!

Because of the unusual shape of my tea pot, I had to work out my own closures and routes around the spout and handle. And that is what I am the most grateful to Bobbi for teaching me - that I can actually figure it out for myself! 'Cause up to a few days ago - I was pretty convinced I could not - figure it out for myself!

Tea Pot Cozy Completed!

Like I said - feeling empowered!!

If you don't already know Bobbi, I think you will want to meet her!!

Pop over to her web site "Bobbi Lewin" and check out her blog where you can learn more about her, follow her to Uganda here, visit her galleries where she shares her art work and her fiber craft, and for goodness sakes don't miss her shop! One of these days, I am so going to own one of her beautiful garlands.

Follow her on Instagram here.

Thank you Bobbi!

Now onward and upward to making a tea cozy to fit my gorgeous Heathware tea pot!!

I love your flowers! how

I love your flowers! how disappointing that they were a "mistake" and you can't teach me how to make them! As a little girl, my elderly neighbor crocheted tons of hot pads with roses on them. I tried to save them in my hope chest, but incidents occur. I have the memory of these roses and cannot find the same pattern anywhere! Yours are the closest I have found. If you make the same mistake again, please write it down for me!!!

I loved getting to see this

I loved getting to see this little beauty in person yesterday! It's adorable, and I loved Bobbi's tutorial - so clear and easy. Your flowers are awesome!

My flowers are actually a

My flowers are actually a mistake - but the mistake turned out so nicely I went with it!!!

I agree - Bobbi did a great job with clarity and with making the process easy to understand.  First time ever I fully "GOT" a foundation chain!  Her picture made perfect sense to me!


Oh my goodness! My ego is

Oh my goodness! My ego is feeling seriously stroked right now! Ha ha! Your tea cozy (and tea pot) turned out beautiful, Pam, and I love the shot of that turquoise on the orange mat! That Heathware pot is pretty gorgeous too. And Pam, I tore out a few rows myself:)

Bobbie!  I had a feeling

Bobbie!  I had a feeling trial and error when increasing and decreasing was part of the program!  One of my increases was seriously taking on the appearance of parabolic crochet!

Your ego deserves stroking!  Yours is a wonderfully useful tutorial - the kind of thing that helps crocheters, and knitters for that matter, understand a little more about their craft and how they can modify it to their own needs.