Simple Flower Wreaths to Celebrate Summer Solstice and Midsommer

Gracie and macie celebrating Mid-sommer and Summer solstice

Summer solstice is here and Midsommer is arriving the 24th! Time to make flower wreaths for pretty little heads.

And I have had the good fortune to stumble upon a perfectly simple wreath making "recipe"!

Gracie and Macie wreath band detail

In a bag of lovely yarns my mil gave me last summer, I found the lovely band on Macie's head (right). And I realized instantly it would be perfect for flower wreath weaving!

Another similar band, found in the same collection, was simply braided and one end slipped through part of the braid to create a simple adjustable closure. So I grabbed a scrap of bulky yarn and braided a band for Gracie's wreath.

Macie and Gracie wreath detail

Back view! Notice how nicely the slip-closure works! (For active cuildren a little barrette at the knot will keep it from slipping.)

And yes - poor Gracie is still wearing a safety pin at the back of her little frock! After three years, you would think I would sew on a button!

Gracie and Macie Wearing Mid-sommer wreaths

Weave fresh flower stems into the spaces between yarns. Sometimes a stem will stick and get a bit tangled in the yarn fibers, but just patiently work the stem past that!

If you are into something more permanent - Kathryn over at Pickled Herring shares a very easy technique for creating a flower wreath right here.

I am quite sure despite the allure of fresh flowers, many little girls would love a wreath made using Kathryn's method because they can wear it whenever they like! All day, everyday, for weeks!!

But if fresh flowers is a must - Kathryn's tutorial works perfectly for fresh flowers too!

For those who have not previously met Gracie and Macie:  the doll pattern for Gracie is available from Ninimakes in Stitch Village Vol.1 here; and the knit pattern for Macie is available in "Knitted Dolls" by Arne and Carlos here.

Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Midsommer!

Celebrate!  Weave a flower wreath for your hair!

Hi Pam, i like those flower

Hi Pam, i like those flower wreaths and your dolls you've made.
Funny i'm renting from the librairy the same book of the knitted doll.LOL
My fave librairian had to laughted of the silly cozy frontside of the book.
I told her, that the inside was much better, she tought the same.;-D
I told her of your dutch xmas ball, she was flabber gasthed.
It's still hanging in front of the window,
Only the visitors can watch him, my window is from the beneath shopping street not to see.-S
But my overside neigbours can.;-D
I'm crocheting for an old television the flower cover when i have demolisioned it.
It will be a catbed for my two ladies.
thank you for the sharing and the links, i hope it will be a good summer time for you as well;-D
many dutch hugs

Oh Jet, I knew you would

Oh Jet, I knew you would enjoy the dolls wearing their Midsommer crowns.  Midsummer is over and they won't give them up! 

Know your sweet ladies will enjoy their crocheted bed. When you are done with it, make an Arne and Carlos doll!  The project will keep you smiling from the first knitted toe!!

Your dolls look adorable in

Your dolls look adorable in their beautiful flower crowns! They're definitely ready to celebrate Midsommer! And thanks for pointing us towards Kathryn's crown-making tutorial - very fun! Big hugs as you celebrate two summer holidays!

Thank you Arielle! And Happy

Thank you Arielle! And Happy Solstice / Midsommer to you!!!  Midsommer is my favorite because it is about celebrating summer and all that goes with it.  Summer solstice - the longest day of the year - reminds me that the days are now going to grow shorter, so I celebrate with mixed emotions!! :-)