Christmas in July is Almost Here!!! Hoping You will Join Me!

Christmas in July Lighted Shaved Wood Tree

Christmas in July is almost here! And this year - I will be celebrating the whole month! Lots of tutorials for sweet ornaments and pretty trees. A most excellent hexie blog hop sponsored by Craftypod. And time to return to cookies! We will start the six month Winter Holiday Cookie series off this year with beautiful waffle cookies from Norway, Italy, the Netherlands and more!

I know many of you really are not ready to be thinking holidays. But it is not too soon to begin thinking about hand crafted gifts and decorations. Can't leave those until you are in the spirit or it may be too late!

I hope you will join me this month whenever you can!

Handmade ornament display inspired by SAS Interiors.

I bet you have seen versions of this tree 45,000 times!!! Can not believe how many I have found on Pinterest in the last few weeks!

The first time I saw one was here on SAS Interiors and it was love at first sight. Jenna created it as an advent calendar - which I happen to think is completely brilliant.

I altered her idea slightly and use it as a display for hand crafted ornaments sent to me by friends made while blogging! I am leaving it up year round! Cheers me up every time I walk by it!

Handmade ornament display inspired by SAS Interiors.

Most versions I have run across on Pinterest (including Jenna's) have been made using pallets. However, my sweetie informed me he was not tearing apart a pallet! So we went shopping and found lovely 1" x 4" rough sawn wood designed probably for fencing. Dirt cheap - like a few dollars for four 4' boards. (Only ended up needing three of them!)

I went through the stacks searching for boards with the most interesting wood grain and colors.

Handmade ornament display inspired by SAS Interiors.

To mimic the thick and thin boards used in the original, we alternately placed two boards together with single boards.

Jenna provides excellent directions for making one of your very own here.

Thank you Jenna!  

Handmade ornament display inspired by SAS Interiors.

Clear Pinhooks work beautifully for hanging ornaments. But since I have several of mine otherwise employed, I filled in with clear push pins.

Despite the original intention (to be used as an Advent Calendar - and it would make a brillinat one) and despite it's uh ... Christmassy ... shape, I really do think this rustic wood tree makes a lovely hand crafted ornament display that can be enjoyed year 'round! What do you think?


I spy 4 little ornaments made

I spy 4 little ornaments made with love! Well, they were all probably made with love. :) Hooray for pinhooks, too!

heh! heh! heh!  Yup!  And

heh! heh! heh!  Yup!  And what I am loving so much about this tree display is that I can enjoy them every day and because I feel loved every time I see them. 

I do really like Pinhooks a LOT.  Really should order another package instead of trying to make this one stretch so far!!  They are just perfect for hanging ornaments from this tree and work way better than the push pins.

Thank you for stopping by sweetheart.  What a lovely surprise!

What a creative way to use my

What a creative way to use my mom's wood shavings. I love it.

Oh Patti!  Thank you so so

Oh Patti!  Thank you so so much.  My lack of expertise nearly got me into trouble a couple of times and certainly it is not perfect by any means, but when i flick on that little lighted cone inside it shines and sparkles and warms my heart just as much as it would it it were perfect!!!  You can tell, can't you, I find the little wood curls enchanting!

That tree is fantastic!

That tree is fantastic! Leaving it up all year sounds like a great idea to me.

I set a reminder for myself to start working on my peace dove in July (Betz White pattern that I absolutely love) in hopes that I'd get it done before Christmas. I also want to finish my dala horse (the one from Stitched Blooms) which I'm planning on using as a Christmas decoration. I'm almost half done with the embroidery, I think. Hopefully the sticky fabri-solvy hasn't gone strange since it's been on the felt for months now!

So happy to hear from you

So happy to hear from you that you are getting started! I love that particular peace dove pattern too.  And it really does not appear to be too complicated.  You will absolutely be able to finish it and Dala by Christmas!!

I've been looking forward to

I've been looking forward to Christmas in July on GingerbreadSnowflakes since last year! So excited to see what's in store for us this year! And I'm hoping to work on some of my Christmas crafting while enjoying Christmas in July. Can't wait to dig out my Christmas music again! :)

Since your Christmas was

Since your Christmas was spent moving last year, I am especially glad to hear you will be starting your crafting and making early.  You deserve a nice long season this year!

uh, my stars, snowflake and

uh, my stars, snowflake and gingerbread man!!!!

Of course!  I love them to

Of course!  I love them to pieces!

Looks like it's going to be

Looks like it's going to be lots of holiday fun!

It looks beautiful. And,

It looks beautiful. And, since my one and only New Year's Resolution for 2014 was to be more organised for Christmas this year, I will definitely be following along attentively in July, and hoping to be motivated to make a start!

Sally A most worthy New

Sally A most worthy New Year's Resolution!!! I hope something you find here will provide just the kickstart you need to get going!!!

Who doesn't think about

Who doesn't think about Christmas all year!!!!!
I look forward to your posts to get started on some new things for this coming holiday season.
Thanks, Pam.

Heh! Heh! Heh!  or rather Ho!

Heh! Heh! Heh!  or rather Ho! Ho! Ho!  Nancy I know I can always count on you to indulge me!!!