Oh What a Week it Was!

Attending my daughter Diane's first book signing at Powell's Bookstore for her just released book Kanzashi in Bloom!  You can't imagine how proud I am of her! 

And how proud I was that night as she gave a brief history of the art of Kanzashi, talked a little about the book and then taught the whole group how to fold a petal!  She's a great teacher - no one in the room was unable to make a perfect petal under her skillful guidance!

By the way, the books in this rack have been personally signed by the author (with the pens Rachel gave her) in case you haven't gotten your copy yet!

Diane posted much better images on Craftypod - I was just way too excited to give much attention to my camera! And did you know Craftypod is about to celebrate turning 100?  See how you can join in the celebration here!

You can readily see from this lovely, out of focus image I shot of Lee wearing her Kanzashi pin that I was definitely NOT focused on my camera.  I turned around to see her sitting behind me and was so excited to finally meet her, my camera skills completely failed me! She spent last week at the Sock Summit!  Read her most excellent reports here and here.

And to finish me off for the evening, Susan presented me with this gorgeous necklace!  Can you believe it?  I fell in love with it when she posted a picture of it on West Coast Crafty, and she brought it to give me at the book signing because she knew I would be there. Susan, I will treasure my necklace always.

And just in case you don't know - I am sure everyone does know but just in case - Susan, who is one of Diane's best friends has also written two beautiful books worth owning: Bead Simple and Button It Up. I have and love both of them.

Susan and Lee brought their friend Caitlan whose blog biscuits and jam  is a great way to get to know where to go to have fun and where to go to eat yummy food in Portland. Caitlan's photograph in this recent post got my attention. She turned me on to Wiffies Fried Pie cart.  The pies are very much like EMPANADAS!  Be still my heart!

This mysterious little guy - about monarch size - showed up just long enough to sit on the hood of the car so I could get this grab shot - and then he was gone!  Velvety black. Brilliant orange. Stunningly beautiful. Don't know why he couldn't have popped onto a flower so I could have gotten a proper shot of him.

I can't find him in any of my Pacific Northwest reference books.  Anyone know what he is?

First serious harvest from my container garden!

And a morning visit from GC.  GC is my adopted Garden Cat!  Sometimes when I am out in my garden he will come to play.  He totally loves pats but not fond of being picked up!

GC has a special route he follows every time he visits always checking out my big bowl of impatiens...

and then wandering over to the pots of corn and squash so he can play "jungle cat"!

He totally posed for this one!  Just look at how magnificent he is!

I waited impatiently all week for Friday to arrive 'cause I just knew my ATC's from Chris would be in the mail!  Just look at how beautiful they are!  She created them using techniques and media I have never even heard of like stamp embossing, mask resist, gesso, twinkling H2O and doodling! ( I sure have a lot of nerve asking to trade with artists!)

Now look at the backs.  No plain backs from Chris - her ATC backs are spray painted over stencils.!  Beautiful!

And I had to share this card she sent me.  Beautiful, beautiful photograph by her friend Connie Frisbee Houde. I urge you to take a few minutes to visit and immerse yourself in her stunnng, heartfelt images.

Thank you Chris!  I am framing everything!

I don't see how this coming week can possibly be any better!


What a fun week! Oh how I

What a fun week! Oh how I wish I could attend these far away events and see all you lovely people in person. You must have been absolutely bursting with pride!

Oh, Pam, you make me blush.

Oh, Pam, you make me blush. Thank you for your kind words. And for featuring my friend Connie!

This is a fabulous write-up you have of Diane's appearance. I love the way you angled the photographs. I like to do that, but then people ask why I did it that way. It's one of the best ways!! That empanada looks so good. holy cow.

It was a pleasure trading with another artist. Your cards are really beautiful and I have them up in our living room so guests can see them as soon as they come in.

As usual, I'm jealous of all

As usual, I'm jealous of all your Oregon fun, but still love seeing it! ;) I love that all of Diane's friends (including me!) have adopted you. You and Diane are *very* special ladies.

Here's to another GREAT week! :) XOXO

Hi The mysterious butterfly


The mysterious butterfly is a Red Admiral (Vanessa Atalanta).


Thank you Margit!  I am happy

Thank you Margit!  I am happy now that I have a name for this butterfly! He was so BLACK.  Just beautiful.  Wish I had had more photo time with him.

Won't it be great when the day comes that we can submit an image to google and get an identification? 

Looks like lots of

Looks like lots of Portland-type fun!

Missed  you at the book

Missed  you at the book signing! Hope we'll connect soon!

What a great post! I didn't

What a great post! I didn't know you had a cat-friend! He must Loooooove that garden!

Cats always like you best. 

Cats always like you best.  No way am I introducing you!