New Pattern Shop and a Fabric Giveaway on Craftypod!

The Gemstone Pillow: English Paper Piecing PDF Pattern

Diane at Craftypod has just opened a brand spanking new addition to her Craftypod Shop - a special corner of the shop just for her awesome English Paper Piecing Patterns!

You will also find her patterns here on Craftsy! More fabulous patterns are in the works so stop by often because you will LOVE the new patterns - which I happen to know are coming soon!! (I of course get privileged sneak peaks!)

You can read more about what prompted Diane to open a pattern shop here - and see more detail about one of her most popular patterns - "Flower Power Mug Rug")!

Today, on Craftypod, Diane unveiled the pattern for her "Gemstone Pillow" (photo above) which makes brilliant use of the huge shade range available in RJR Fabrics' delicious Cotton Supreme Solids collection.

Brilliant? Absolutely! 'Virtually' the camera fails to share the totally 3-D effect of these colorful gems. 'In real life' - they appear to be very three dimensional - a quilted trouper l'oeil! (Pushkin and I spent lots of time in her company while Diane was stitching, piecing and assembling this - er - gem of a pillow, and we are in total agreement - very cool pattern indeed!!)

GIVEAWAY! There is a RJR Fabrics sponsored giveaway taking place in conjunction with the pattern announcement over on Craftypod. Pop over, tell Diane your favorite gemstone in order to enter, and then visit the "What Shade Are You Cotton Supreme Blog Hop" for more crafty goodness featuring Cotton Supreme Solids.

Pop in and visit Diane's brand new addition to her Craftypod shop! There' s definitely more amazingment on the way!!!

I don't usually have enough

I don't usually have enough patience for EPP, but I love how Diane has been trying to find ways of creating ideas with small numbers of pieces. I'm currently using hexies to create a few snowflakes, and I think it's been very much inspired by her blog hop and other posts on this.

Oh very cool idea.  Can not

Oh very cool idea.  Can not wait to see!!!

I saw that pillow at Diane's

I saw that pillow at Diane's blog 1 or 2 days ago and I jumped on my chair: it's absolutely gorgeous!!!
Love it! It's a modern way to "use" a traditional art as english paper piecing! Well done, Diane! :)

Thank you, Silvia!  I will

Thank you, Silvia!  I will make sure Diane reads your comment!!!  


I do agree with you.  I too appreciate how she is inspired to use English Paper Piecing in new ways.