"Pumpkin Patch Snack Mat" Features Technique for Making Pumpkin-y Faces!

"Pumpkin Patch Snack Mat from Craftypod

I still remember my reaction the morning I opened my e-mail and found a picture of one of these adorable pumpkin faces smiling back at me and the words from Diane "look at what I just figured out how to do!" I was all smiles and giggles and experienced the immediate desire to drop everything and use this technique to make my own EPP pumpkins!

And then in the blink of an eye - those little pumpkin octagons became part of a Halloween Mug Rug! And then another! And finally Â… a "Pumpkin Patch Snack Mat Pattern" in Diane's brand new EPP space in her Craftypod Shop!

Apparently I am not the only one loving this pattern and the EPP pumpkin octagons because there have been lots of orders since it went into the shop!

Pumpkin Patch Snack Mat

Of course, being me, I would most likely not be placing food directly onto my snack mat - just in case miracle Dawn detergent failed just once to remove all traces of grease that might be left behind. But, the snack mat is 10" across so definitely large enough for showing off my felted pumpkins or a collection of gnarled, bumpy, twisted fabulous fall gourds!

The thought occurred that several of these could be stitched onto a long piece of fabric to create a table runner perfect for those of us who prefer a more whimsical celebration of the holiday!

And get this! One of Diane's readers is thinking of converting the pattern into Snowmen faces! OMG! Wish I had thought of that one!!! Ha! For that matter - some clever person will most likely think of a way to create bunny faces for Easter!

You can find the pattern here in the Craftypod's Epp shop AND in Diane's shop on Craftsy! Order soon! Only 22 crafty days left before Halloween!

Those are so cute! Perfect

Those are so cute! Perfect for the season! :)

I think they are cute too,

I think they are cute too, Kathryn.  I am getting a huge kick out of seeing all the ways Diane thinks up to use EPP.  

Gorgeous mats!!!

Gorgeous mats!!!

So glad to hear you like them

So glad to hear you like them Julie!  Happy Halloween!