Scandinavian Christmas You Might Have Missed!

Scandinavian themed Luminaries

So sorry for the disappearance. But it looks like I may be back for the remainder of the holiday season. At least I hope so!!!

Since most of us are waaaaaay too busy during December to keep up with our blog reading, tutorials I have shared in the Scandinavian Christmas series December 13th to December 24th on the Pickled herring blog are often missed. I thought I would share them here and now - right when we are all still eagerly seeking out Christmas inspiration!

Scandinavian themed Luminaries

Last December I got this crazy idea to blend two of the cultures that have had the greatest impact on my personal Christmas celebrations - Scandinavian and Mexican traditions; and came up with these beautifully bright and cheery Scandinavian themed Luminaries.

Here is the link to the tutorial.

Just remember, luminaries are designed for outside use. If you decide to try them inside on a window sill as I have, BE SURE to PLACE YOUR TEA LIGHT CANDLES IN A GLASS CANDLE HOLDER AT LEAST A THREE INCHES TALLER THAN THE TEA LIGHT. AND NEVER LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED.

Sami Nisse

Everyone who has followed my blog for any time at all knows that I have a huge soft spot for Scandinavian elf like creatures - Tomte, Tontu, Nisse, Nisser, Yule Lads, Pakkapik (Estonia). It occurred to me that Lapland - land of the Sami - was being left out, so I created a tiny little Sami Nisse!

Sami are well known for their gorgeous and brightly colored costumes in red, green, blue and yellow. Here is the link to the tutorial on Scandinavian Christmas for making your very own Sami.

Scandinavian Christmas St. Lucy, Star Boy and Christmas Gnomes

And this year be sure to watch for the full tutorial for making this sweet and simple "court" of Scandinavian Christmas favorites - St. Lucy, Star Boy, and two Holiday elves! 

The direct link to the series (past and future) also appears on the sidebar. And the 2014 series begins December 13th. Don't miss it!

Such great projects!

Such great projects! Especially love the Scandinavian heart luminary! What a great mix. I have a special fondness for mash ups!

Thanks for promoting the

Thanks for promoting the series, Pam!! This year we have so many neat tutorials and recipes - can't wait to share them all...especially your Lucia Court!!! :)

Oh, Kathryn, you are so

Oh, Kathryn, you are so welcome!  I love celebrating Scandinavian Christmas with you - look forward to it all year long.  And it just gets better and better every year.  Ryans Christmas pudding and the amazing Swedish meatballs shared last year are on the menu for Dec. 13th!

Seeing all these beautiful

Seeing all these beautiful creations makes me know why you love Scandinavian things. One cuter than the other.

Teri, be sure to visit

Teri, be sure to visit Scandinavian Christmas in December!!!  More Scandi-goodness!  

I have been and explored

I have been and explored these before, but lovely to be reminded of them, and I'm feeling a need for luminaries now. Christmas is such a great time for crafting!

I agree Sally!  that's why I

I agree Sally!  that's why I am making Christmas all year long!!