Perfect Gift for Those Special Little Ones on Your Holiday Shopping List

 Copyright by Christina's Tooth Fairies

It's "shopping season"! And sometimes we find ourselves in a dither trying to figure out the perfect gift - especially if we are aunties or grandmas living far away from our cherished little ones with no clue what they like. But we do know one thing for certain, don't we? Children lose their teeth! And every single one of them would welcome a cuddly Tooth Fairy Pillow to safely tuck their little lost tooth into until the Tooth Fairy can get to their bedside. Let me introduce you to Christina - designer and maker of Christina's Tooth Fairy Pillows.

Christina originally designed her first tooth fairy pillows for her own children - and that was well over 25 years ago! She has been making them ever since for friends and family; and in the past few years has opened a shop on Etsy "christinasfairies" which is right here, and created her own "Christina's Tooth Fairies" site (right here) where you can get more information and also place orders. If you happen to live in the Portland area, you will likely run into her at a Holiday Craft Bazaar.


She has created Tooth Fairy Pillows in every imaginable theme - Spiderman, Lady Bugs, Princesses (like Princess Sophia at the top of the post), Dinosaurs, GI Joe, Unicorns, Bunnies, Pirates and Butterflies! And if you are into collage football, she will make a Tooth Fairy Pillow in the team colors. She even takes special orders if you have a special theme in mind! See Christina's Tooth Fairies - under Boys or Girls for details. (If my grandson hadn't already long ago past this stage, I would be ordering either a Godzilla or a Dr. Who!)

Each Tooth Fairy Pillow is about 10" tall and has a special little pocket for the precious tooth! They are all just adorable. Any child would love one. Guaranteed your gift will be loved and used a-LOT! Kids have many teeth to lose while they are growing.

Visit Christina's Etsy shop or her Christina's Tooth Fairies site, order a Tooth Fairy Pillow and - your "what to get" problem - solved!

We are just about over the

We are just about over the tooth fairy visits :( but these are sweet.
Have you checked your email recently? Gill;)

Thank you Gill!  I think so

Thank you Gill!  I think so too!!  


Very very cute!!!

Very very cute!!!

You of all people would know

You of all people would know all about young children, tooth loss and Tooth Fairies!!!