Happy Advent Season! Time for Count Down Calendars!

Advent Calenders to Celebrate the Season

Advent Season is here! And my eagerly waited morning ritual of visiting each of my Advent Calendars - peaking behind windows, hanging ornaments and watching the number of days left to Christmas get fewer and fewer - has begun!

The first countdown calendar in the ritual visits this year - my Alan Dart knitted Christmas Tree! And of course that lovely little "gingerbread snowflake" is the first to be hung!

Advent Calenders to Celebrate the Season

Pockets of the "70's felt tree calendar" are stuffed with handmade ornaments Diane and I made together. Actually, I have figured out how to extend this calendar right through the twelve days of Christmas so that the last ornament is hung on December 6th!

Advent Countdown Calendars to Celebrate the Season

I am still getting a huge kick out of opening the windows and doors of the giant (30" tall) old world style holiday house calendar - despite knowing exactly what image is behind each opening!. The design was based on architecture often seen in European countries and the images behind the doors - favorite Christmas cards saved from years gone by.

Advent Calenders to Celebrate the Season

The Yule Cat is always the first Scandinavian inspired ornament to replace one of the tiny woven heart baskets on the Icelandic Yule Tree!

Advent Calenders to Celebrate the Season

And Fanie Gregoire's  whimsical holiday drawings always cheer me while in the kitchen - which seems to be most of every day this time of year!! (This is a free downloadable calendar - direct link on the sidebar.  Almost instant calendar in case you still don't have one!)

Advent Calenders to Celebrate the Season

And finally this little "store bought snowman" keeps me mindful of just how many days I have left to prepare for Christmas!

You can find these and several of my absolute favorites found on the internet on my Advent Board on Pinterest. Do not miss going over to see the "EPIC GINGERBREAD ADVENT CALENDAR"!

And links to the tutorials for all of these (and more) count down calendars can be found in "Celebrating Advent" in my Flicker Albums.

Happy Advent Season Everyone!  And won't you please share your favorite Advent season traditions?  I always love hearing about them.  

So fun! I love all your

So fun! I love all your different advent calendars!

Bobby, I was smitten by my

Bobby, I was smitten by my very first one at age 10 and i have never outgrown my smitten!

I just love your Christmas

I just love your Christmas decorations and enthusiasm!

Thank you Teri!  Enthusiasm!

Thank you Teri!  Enthusiasm!  That is true!

Aaaahhhhh! I forgot!! Thank

Aaaahhhhh! I forgot!! Thank you for the reminder! I have to get up in the attic and get ours down now... ALL of yours are sooooo wonderful! I never thought about having more than one going... it is a brilliant idea! I don't know why I have always thought you only have one... there are sooooo many cute ideas, and I have never made more because you just have one! Now this opens up soooo many possibilities!!! Thank you, Pam!!! I will have to make more ornaments for my Icelandic Yule Tree so I can finally use it again next year, too! Going to get my calendar now... thanks again for the reminder!!!! Happy December!!

So happy to hear from you

So happy to hear from you Kathy.  And by all means - make more!!  One is never enough!!!

I love them all!! <3 I just

I love them all!! <3 I just hung up my advent calendar yesterday!

Happy Advent Kathryn!  Your

Happy Advent Kathryn!  Your Advent calendar is one of my favorites!

You're truly coming into your

You're truly coming into your own this time of year! I love your knitted one the most, but they're all lovely.

Although I am partial to all

Although I am partial to all of them - for different reasons - I am enjoying the knitted one especially this year.  I enjoyed seeing all your own Advent celebrations on your recent post so much and have it marked to pop over soon. Am especially loving that so many people are wrapping their special collection of Advent books.  Wish I were a kid again - I would insist we begin that tradition!