"All Points Patchwork" by Diane Gilleland. My First Project Done!

Repurpose a garment! Make it a showcase!

A couple years ago I fell in love with a particular selection of fabrics Diane (Craftypod) had picked for a project to be featured in what is now her brand new book "All Points Patchwork". After hours and hours of begging on my knees, she finally relented and gave me the left over scraps.

And then as luck would have it, I found this forgotten light weight denim shirt in my closet and knew immediately it was the perfect place to show off the happy fabrics I had worked so hard begging to own!

Repurpose a garment! Make it a showcase!

I am delighted how well they work together and how easily I gave a shirt destined for the thrift a new life!

Using the EPP techniques Diane teaches in "All Points Patchwork", I created 6 pentagons for the flower on the pocket and 13 tumblers for the back yoke. After stitching the tumblers together side by side in a strip and the pentagons into a flower, I used the ladder stitch to secure them in place. Every technique you need to know is in Diane's book! And it takes very little time! Seriously!

All Points Patchwork - coming soon!

All Points Patchwork is beautiful to page through - makes your eyes happy! And it is very well organized and easy to follow. But the book's real value is that it is an excellent reference guide for working with all kinds of EPP templates - each chapter chock full of tips and tricks -  and as such a book that will be kept in your library for years to come!!!

Read more here on the "All Points Patchwork" web site and find it online at Amazon right here.

I love this shirt, and what a

I love this shirt, and what a perfect home for those fabrics. Which I'd say you more than earned by going to every fabric store in PDX looking for those cobalt blues with me! :-)

And also, I want everyone to know the huge role YOU played in this book. You shot over 300 step-by-step photos for this project (while simultaneously art-directing me so I didn't do weird things with my hands). And you made 7 of the projects for me! While bringing me care packages of food!

Hahahaha!  I had almost

Hahahaha!  I had almost forgotten those trips - and when you couldn't go with me, I would send pix of candidates and you would veto and I would continue digging.  In the end however, it is YOUR eye that is responsible for the final selection which works so well.

Thank you for all the kind words here.  My goodness.  Did I really do all that stuff?  All I really remember is 1. how much fun I had making those images with you and 2. How many hours, many, many, many hours you and your constant conpanion Pushkin put into making and writing and revisions and negotiations and stitching,,,,,,,,,,,,  

And finally it is a beautifl book and excellent resource and well worth the effort.

Pam, I just saw this on

Pam, I just saw this on Instagram. SO BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE!
I didn't realize you were back blogging. WOMDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!
You made my day Sis. ????????????????

Teri!  Thank you thank you

Teri!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  I really fell hard for that collection of fabrics and love how the turned out on the shirt.  

And yes, I am slowly returning to blogging.  Most likely not 10 or more a month for a while yet but the big ole toe is in the water again!  Thank you for the support and love Sis!

Hi Pam, this is gorgious

Hi Pam, this is gorgious done. I like patchwork, but i'm not a such a brilliant neat sewer like you;-D I like this and as well it makes me interested in your brilliant daughters book.
You must be proud.
I have some good news, i'm trying to crocheting fuchia plants. When i have done this i will send you a picture of it and if you like the pattern.
I know you like those.;-D
My neigbhour family is moved out, so i have more pease and i can do more on the outside knowing it will be not broken.
I'm still thinking of you everyday to send you some love and strenght.
I'm proud on you knowing you must work on your own and working on your blog as well.
And one other idea i 'm working at is a big fat cat of paper mache.
After a free movie event of Move. It was offered for free, the movie is right on the coner of my street, and like a real dutch girl i took the offer.
Only the rest of the group had the best places, but i had to sit on the front row for wheelies. So it wasn't really a good thing for my neck.
It's too broken inside now so i lay most at the day on my bed with the cats around me.
I'm glad i was almost finished with my bedroom. so it is cozy and comfy and not to hard to stay there.
And try to make still my projects.
I send you all my love and tons of real dutch hugs with the kisses as well , and try to have a nice not to hard summer time
Jet xo's

Thank you Jet!  It was so

Thank you Jet!  It was so much fun to do.  And I love wearing the shirt!

Re the crocheted fuchia - I am very interested in how your's work out.  I am still playing around with my punched tin pattern!

And thank you for thinking of me with love and sending strength.  It has been an incredible challenge - this past year.  I always send healing light your way too, my friend,

I'm not surprised you fell in

I'm not surprised you fell in love with those fabrics, what a gorgeous combination, and they work so beautifully on your denim shirt.

Thanks Sally!  I am not to

Thanks Sally!  I am not to great with selecting fabrics like so many of you quilters out there, but I did feel great about these together!  The fabrics actuall were used on a table cloth and matching napkins in Diane's book - but she used a mustard linen backround.  It works too!