Happy Christmas in July: Holiday Pillows in Progress

Winter Holiday themed embroidery and Dala pillow project for Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July!!

I have had to admit it to myself and now to all of you - I am NOT wonder woman like I thought!!! Just another normal human who does NOT have 60 hours in each day, does NOT have 8 arms, and whose crafty appetite exceeds all semblance of reasonableness or possibility!

So - still celebrating Christmas in July and there will still be more tutorials and crafty endeavors to share. BUT I will be sharing some projects that are begun, but not complete! Whatever I can do to get you guys motivated to start holiday making NOW!

I am on Instagram waaaaay too much these days, but you can always keep up with my future progress there.

Winter Holiday themed embroidery and Dala pillow project for Christmas in July

Last year, the seeds for this holiday pillow project were planted.

First I became head over heels infatuated with Carina's (Carina's Craft Blog) Gingerbread House embroidery pattern - available in her Polka and Bloom Shop; and with Julie's (Button, button blog)Mom's Ghost Trio patterns based on Charles Dickens Christmas Carole. The Christmas Ghost patterns are available in Julie's shop Little Dorritt and Co.

And, secondly, Yvonne Anderson (IHanna's Mother) sent me a set of four beautiful screen printed Dala Horses! Again - infatuated!  

Carina, Julie, Hanna and Yvone are all on Instagram and actively sharing over in that space.  Hope to see you there!

Eventually - BEFORE Christmas, I will have completed the embroidery on all four patterns and turned them into pillows each backed with it's own Dala Horse!

Winter Holiday themed embroidery and Dala pillow project for Christmas in July

All four embroideries can be facing front,

Winter Holiday themed embroidery and Dala pillow project for Christmas in July

or all four Dala Horses facing front, or as you see at the top of this post, they can be mixed up!

Winter Holiday themed embroidery and Dala pillow project for Christmas in July

Currently, I am stitching the Ghost of Christmas Present - my favorite Ghost. Those feet just slay me! And those squiggles of hair! There is yet plum pudding, a fat goose, barrel of ale, sausages, Christmas tarts and more to stitch. And when done, the gingerbread Dala will be stitched to the back!

See you back here tomorrow for a simple little EPP Christmas tutorial I am excited to share!

Dear Pam i am so pleased to

Dear Pam
i am so pleased to see all the work you are doing. You sound so much more like your self now, and I am glad if this reflects the truth.
I know I owe you a letter, and am hoping to get to it soon, we are off to the cottage tomorrow, and that is always a good place to catch up a bit.
I am not yet started on Christmas things (although there are some lovely ideas floating around on the web) but am busy with baby things for my niece! I am almost done with a crochet blanket to snuggle this first baby in. How exciting it is when a new generation starts in a family! With love, Gill.

Dearest Gill, I am very happy

Dearest Gill, I am very happy to hear from you - especially as it is summer and I know how busy you are with the children and all their activities.  Please, please don't put pressure on yourself to write a letter,  As long as I know you are OK and happy, that is all that matters.  

Thank you, yes, I am more like myself each day.  It has been a difficult year for both Diane and for me, but we are both on the road back. And hearing from dear friends like you and Silvia, just makes me feel even more encouraged to move forward.

A new neice?  Your brother or sister?  My nephew just had a baby girl in January and I intended to knit her an Arne and Carlos Bear.  And I will get it completed by this Christmas.  But after I sort of crashed in January, I literally had to learn to knit all over again!!!

Much love, Pam

Pam, what a funny start for a

Pam, what a funny start for a post! oh, yes, I agree. We haven't 8 arms and 62 hours in a day. I had to remember this when I write my daily to-do lists (sooooo long and fuuuuull of things!!!).

About the pillows: I'm in love with those with Dala horses. I can't stop to think that they would be even more lovely with some embroidered details made by you :)

Hello Silvia!  What a truly

Hello Silvia!  What a truly wonderful surprise to hear from both you and Gill today.  Definitely made my day!  

Hahaha!  I do the same with those daily "to do" lists!  In the morning I think I can accomplish everything!  In the afternoon I wonder what I was thinking.  

Yes, I agree with you about the Dalas and I am pretty certain Yvonne sent them to me thinking the same.  I have constructed them in such a way that I can go back at another time and add embroidery if I like.  For THIS year however, I am sticking to just the fronts!!

I will send an e-mail soon as I do want to catch up and definitely know how you and your Mom are doing.  xoxo until