A Little Late Christmas in July: Beginning a Brand New Advent Calendar Tree!

Advent Tree begun

First five ornaments completed for my newest Advent Calendar Tree!

Last year's Advent tree , as some of you will remember, was created using the Advent ornament patterns and the Christmas Tree pattern from one of my four super heros - Alan Dart! (catch up on that here!).

This year, the Advent Calendar Tree will be created to honor my other three knitting super heros - Arne and Carlos AND Marie Mayhew.

The Snowman and two Matryoshka were knitted and then felted and finally embellished using patterns available on Marie's Etsy shop "Woolly Something". More projects and a complete guide to knitting and felting and embellishing your very own ornaments, gnomes, chicks and more can be found in her brand new book "Whinsical Woollies" which is available on Amazon here.

The beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Balls were knit using patterns available in "55 Christmas Balls to Knit" by Arne and Carlos! I am miniaturizing the pattern by using Marie's instructions for doing so in her book. And I will try felting one as well! Maybe even attempt a miniature Magnus Mouse from "Knit and Crochet Garden". Both books are available in several languages including English and are available on Amazon.

Advent Tree begun

The tree on which I will be displaying the ornaments will be very unusual! This year a most beautiful Silver Dollar plant self seeded in a most advantageous spot in the garden for growing into a symmetrical perfect tree shape.

Advent Tree begun

I adore Silver Dollar plants and have bunches of them all over the house, but they almost never grow nicely shaped like this one!!

Advent Tree begun

Once the seed pods dry in late summer, it is easy to rub the pod between the thumb and fore-finger to release the dried pod coverings and reveal the seeds and the silky shimmering white silver dollar membrane hidden inside!

Advent Calendar Tree

Perfect shimmering white tree for colorful knitted and felted ornaments, don't you think?

Wow, that silver dollar tree

Wow, that silver dollar tree is incredible. I've never seen one, or if I did, I was oblivious of its wonder.

Love those Matryoshkas!!

Well then Chrissy!  I will

Well then Chrissy!  I will have to make you one!!! xoxox (Matryoshka!)

I never even saw one until I moved up here!  they grow wild along forest road sides!  Even found plants - tiny ones on which the little membrane circles were lityerally 1/4 " in diameter!  But they don't look like much until the protective coating is removed.. xo

Wow, Pam, they all turned out

Wow, Pam, they all turned out so wonderfully! I have loved watching your progress on Instagram. :). Great choice of a tree!

Thank you so much Misty.

Thank you so much Misty.  Sorry for the delayed reply, but apparently all is not well with my comment process.  Just found your message along with many others this morning!!!  You most likely have Silver Dollar growing up there as well.  Just found out it is actually called Honesty in the UK and Judas Money in Norway!

Pam, your dolls turned out so

Pam, your dolls turned out so pretty! I did make some myself but they aren't 100% finished. I think Mary Mayhew's patterns are so nice and not that hard to do. The "money tree" idea is just the best and will look so pretty when the holidays come!

Nancy it is so nice to hear

Nancy it is so nice to hear from you! And to hear that you are also playing with Marie's wonderful patterns!  Remember the blue and purple doll?  It is still not completed!  So don't feel bad.  These tiny ones are very fun to do! Ever since I moved my Great Grandmother's lovely old trunk into my living room, I no longer have room for a full size tree, so I am creating smaller trees for every available horizontal surface!! lol.  I hope this one workd out somewhere close to my visions!!!

Lovely ornaments and I guess

Lovely ornaments and I guess Christmas will be here sooner than we think!
We call those silvery plants Honesty over here in UK : )

Lyn!  Thank you!  I always

Lyn!  Thank you!  I always wondered what "Honesty" looked like.  A friend from Norway wrote me on Instagram telling me it is called Judas Money in her country.  It grows wild here in the Pacific Northwest, so I am guessing it does so there as well - climates being so somilar.