Meet My Friend Roger and Enter a World of Magic!

Elgol - Isle of Skye, Scotland  IMAGE BY WOLFYPIC

Elgol - Isle of Skye  Image by WOLFYPICS

Hello!!! I haven't dropped off the planet! Just maybe spending too much time on Instagram lately - sharing my progress on the Silver Dollar Countdown Tree over there and connecting with so many lovely and talented fiber artists who I will begin sharing over here beginning in January!

And NO I haven't been lucky enough to visit the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland! But I HAVE connected with an incredibly talented photographer in the UK who specializes in photographing Scotland and the Lake District, his name is Roger and he is known as Wolfypics!!

Glencoe lochen  IMAGE BY WOLFYPIC

Glencoe lochan  Image by WOLFYPICS

In fact, I have connected with several very brilliant and talented photographers over on IG. It has been so good for me. I love photography but the digital world really is a challenge for me. Connecting with kind, talented and unique photographic minds has help fill a void in my life. And so - I am going to begin a intermittent series (between craft projects of course!) to share some of their work with all of you!

And I am beginning with Roger! Good timing too because he just hit the 10K followers mark over the weekend! And he did it in about 16 weeks! THAT is how amazing his work is. You won't see versions of images you have seen before, but rather you will enter a magical world of ethereal beauty. I call Roger a wizard and I am sure he is! A living breathing wizard. Another photographer friend refers to him as living in a completely different dimension! Most likely that is also true!!

I would love to know what you think!!!

Visit Roger on Instagram at Wolfypic here

On Facebook -

BTW, his images can be enjoyed quite large if you view Instagram on your computer rather than the tiny screen.

And if you are lucky enough to live in the UK or can take a reasonably short flight to the UK, be sure to sign up for one of his 1 to 1 single day workshops in the Lake District to catch fall color! Contact him at wolfypics at outlook dot com.

And I promise! More updates on what I have been doing on my needles and a tutorial coming up!!!

Hi Pam, Just been catching

Hi Pam,

Just been catching up your blog. WOW! Many, many thanks for your amazing support and kind comments of my work on your amazing website/blog. It really means a lot and is greatly appreciated indeed!

Thanks and all the very best to you and your family.


Thank you so much Roger for

Thank you so much Roger for taking time to visit especially because I know you are just swamped these days following your big leap to 10K followers on IG and plans for workshops and personal work during the season of fall color.  Can not wait to see the magic you bring back to share!!!

wooow Pam, beside my hands

wooow Pam, beside my hands and my keyboard is sitting Wolfje begging for more food. She is getting to much weigth, so i think she had to be waiting some more so i can write you.
I'm impressed it's amazing his work
Thank you for the sharing and the promised tute in the future.
I'm thinking still everyday of you and some others to send you good thoughts.
I hope it will help.
But to make such a article to share is an anormous gift.
Thank you my friend

Dearest Jet, I do not know

Dearest Jet, I do not know what I would have done these many months without constant and patient friends like you that have continued, despite my very spotty efforts, to keep in touch.  And I thank you for being one of them and helping keep my spirits up.  I think some of the photographers I have met through IG that I will soon share here, will lift up everyone's spirits! Seeing their incredibly beautifull work has made a huge difference for me!

Much love to you my wonderful friend.

I visited the Isle of Skye

I visited the Isle of Skye about 20 year ago and fell completely in love. These pics are incredible! Thanks so much for sharing!

Oh Chriska, I am so happy to

Oh Chriska, I am so happy to hear from you!!  Roger shoots there often, or maybe not so often but shoots a lot while there!!  Not sure which!!  I can only guess how special this memory is for you, but I will say this - I know there is more magic from Skye coming from Roger!!!  He loves it there also.