Weaving again without a loom!

Just finished making these using the weaving techniques I learned in Diane's brand new e-book "Weaving Un-Loomed"!

I, of course, was her very first customer and, being her proud mother, immediately read it cover to cover!

It goes without saying that Diane provides excellent content and clear, easily understood instruction - these are hallmarks of anything she writes.  But what was immediately apparent to me was that "Weaving Un-Loomed"  is NOT so much about teaching 5 weaving projects as it is about giving the reader basic tools and knowledge of the weaving process so that they are able to use the techniques to create their very own weaving with almost anything.

She does this by demystifying the weaving process, breaking it down to it's  simplest parts.  And then she provides diagrams and instruction for creating many different patterns by manipulating the parts.  Every one of the projects is designed to teach additional weaving techniques and applications.

I decided to go way out of my comfort zone,  (I don't play with paper),  and create a project based on the techniques provided in the chapter Magazine Page Jewelry. And the result - drum roll please -  the sweet little woven tree ornaments you see at the top of the post!

Having found a book filled with brilliantly colored pages on a recent visit to the Goodwill Bins, I was just waiting for the right project to come along to use them.  And, of course,  I wanted to make something Christmasy!  Christmas is only 117 days away you know!

The two colorful tree ornaments were completed using the tools provided in the chapter. The little white tree was actually a test I made as I was learning.  I set it aside at first, took another look at it a bit later, loved it, and finished it off for use as a gift tag that could be used, after opening the gift, as a tree ornament.

The Burlap and Ribbon Tote really caught my eye - but  my mind saw it as a table runner using burlap and wheat straws!  I just happen to have some pretty red burlap on hand and lots and lots of wheat!  (You can get a very similar effect using swiss straw.)  I set about weaving the wheat into the burlap following Diane's instructions for weaving ribbon into burlap.

My plan was to create a table runner for the winter holidays based on the design in this lovely, much loved table linen from Sweden.  It just happened that Diane had used that little piece of ribbon to wrap my birthday gift.  Perfect addition!

And, as a bonus in Burlap and Ribbon Tote,  Diane provides instructions for making a very cute tote!

"Weaving Un-Loomed: Simple Ways to Weave Cool Things"  delivers exactly what it promises!  Simple weaving techniques designed to empower you to create your very own unique, very cool woven objects.

Have fun!  I certainly am!


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I'm so glad! And I've missed hearing from you!


I really like this idea, not

I really like this idea, not that I want to cut up old books... but sometimes it's better than the recycling bin... and after holding a number of library book sales, I know there are lots of unwanted books out there!

What a cool post -- thanks

What a cool post -- thanks for the new ideas, I'll have to check out the book. And, I've plenty of time to make these before Christmas :-) yay!

Okay, WHAT was I thinking,

Okay, WHAT was I thinking, not being here for so long? Those trees made me smile and smile, even though I was having a mint and it fell right out of my mouth. I don't care! I will lose a mint to smile at those trees! Don't you love that plaid one? I love the white one. A great idea to make a tag. I love in her book, how Diane shows you different patterns for weaving so you can vary things and get different ideas.

Most excellent.

Wahoooo! So happy to hear

Wahoooo! So happy to hear your comments are back in action again! :) I was just catching up on your latest entries and was thinking to myself... I wish you were my neighbor so I could just walk over and you could show me all these good things in person. You are multi-talented!!

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful September!

I think those trees are the

I think those trees are the coolest! And I love the idea of using them as gift tags that double as ornaments. You could also attach them to the front of a card!