A Simple, Quick Embroidered 3-D Christmas Tree using Yarnia PDX Bits and Pieces

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This is one of those simple and quick projects that lends itself to all kinds of possibilities. It is beautiful just as it is. Or it presents a great surface for adding beads, embroidery,sequins....

beads, embroidery, sequins,,,,, Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps


I have leftover Yarnai PDX yarn still left on cones from previous projects and more cones that I have purchased as "cone ends" from Yarnia PDX that I have been collecting over the past few years.

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

And lots of grab bags - more than this actually - that I have been accumulating for another "Yarnia" project!

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

While sorting out, I suddenly realized these gorgeous blended yarns would make fabulous and I mean fabulous embroidery yarns!!

The idea to embroider a Christmas tree and stretch it over a styrofoam cone was born!! From there I let Muse have her way!!!

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

The original intention was to use a 10" styrofoam cone I had picked up at a thrift for 25 cents. More about THAT below!   Draw a cone on freezer paper to fit the styrofoam cone allowing for overlaps all around, and then cut out and traced onto a fairly open weave fabric (to accommodate the larger size yarn.

A lead pencil is fine for tracing - (you can see the outline in the image above). Divide the cone into three parts - if you look closely, you can see those lines as well.

Fit the fabric into an embroidery hoop and the fun begins!!

Begin your embroidery of each color at the center and work to one side and then the other changing the stitch length as you wish.

To save yarn, work from bottom edge to top edge and then from top edge to bottom edge.

In order to follow the contours of the section you are working on, make the first center stitch perfectly vertical. As you move toward the side, make each stitch a little wider at the bottom than it is at the top!

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

Continue working the bottom tier changing yarn color and stitch length as you work...

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

… until your first tier of the cone looks like this! Completely filled in!

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

To prepare to embroider the second tier, use a single strand of yarn in one of the colors selected for that tier, and use your thread and needle to "draw" the outlines of the section onto the embroidery as shown.

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

As you can see, those little lines will be a big help in knowing where to place your stitches as the line between sections is hidden by the embroidery as you work.

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

Continue embroidery until the little tree is completed! Notice that I pulled sparkly bits from some scrap yarns to add sparkle! Purple, silver and gold.

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

Embellish to your heart's content or leave it just as it was embroidered! Beautiful either way.

If you prefer, leave your tree embroidery flat - mounted in the hoop as a frame, or release it, stretch it and place in a square frame.

Embrodered Holiday Tree Using Yarnia PDX Yarn Scraps

Or make it into a three dimensional tree to stand on your mantel or on a table.

Now is the time to admit that my tree, while not a fail, did not turn out exactly as intended. BUT as a result - other possibilities emerged!!!

That lovely Styrofoam cone - well it sorta disappeared. Still can not find that really great place I put it so I would not lose it!!

But if you are working with such a cone, simply stretch the fabric over the cone surface, stretch to fit nicely and then pin into place - along the side seams and top and bottom.

Glue a cardboard circle and then a felt circle on the bottom. Fold the top fabric into the top, trimming any excess. Then make a tree topper or simply make millions of lovely French Knots at the top as I did!

Or use a cardboard cone, stretch the fabric around and secure it with glue (I prefer using Mod Podge), tuck the bottom fabric into the opening and secure with glue or strong tape.

With no cone the right size available to me, I decided to stitch up the side seam, stuffed the tree with fiber fill, and proceeded as described above for the styrofoam cone!

At first, I was unhappy that the stitching was not as straight as I had envisioned because using this method prevents stretching. But now, I love it!!!

Although any yarn stash will work, I really really love the blended yarns available at Yarnia PDX - more about them here. And if you don't live in Portland, OR, you can order cone ends and grab bags from the on line store here. You can even order the cardboard cones! They are heavier than those offered at craft stores and a much better choice for this project if you are wanting to use a paper cone.

I am planning a whole forest of embroidered Yarnia Trees!! Can not make just one!!

I love this tree and the

I love this tree and the colors are prefect!

Thank you so much Liz!!!  I

Thank you so much Liz!!!  I always love hearing from you!  Been almost 7 years since we first "met" over a Star Trek Tree!!!

I really need to give this another try using a cone so I can stretch it better, but I do love it just as it is.  Have it sitting right in the big middle of all my ghosts and gord pumpkins.  You know - Nightmare Before Christmas!

I love this!!!! Going to give

I love this!!!! Going to give it a try for our company Christmas Craft Silent Auction....

Tina!  How lucky you are to

Tina!  How lucky you are to work for a company that holds Craft silent auctions!!!  I am glad to hear you are going to gve this little tree a go!!!  Best make two jpwever, 'cause you may not want to give it away!!! haha  

I am here if you have any questions!!

This is so pretty and

This is so pretty and precious! Never seen anything like that!! I have tons of decorative yarns. This could be an idea!!

Thank you  1000 times

Thank you  1000 times Maryline!  Wow!  Coming from you that is a huge compliment on my little tree!  I do think it best to stretch it over a firm surface so that the embroidery stitches remain taunt, but it still worked out! I am sure if you use this as a basis for making - your tree will be amazing!!!

Soooo Pretty! I imagine a

Soooo Pretty!
I imagine a whole little forest of them along with some felty creatures!
Looks like it would be fun to make!
Hugs to you!!!

Thanks for saying hello,

Thanks for saying hello, Annette!  It is nice to know I haven't been forgotten!  You imagination and mine are on the same page, my friend!  But it may take awhile for it to happen!!  As is usual, too many big ideas and too little time!!! xoxo

This is so beautiful and

This is so beautiful and festive.I definitely want tobtry this.

Oh Sandy, I hope you get to

Oh Sandy, I hope you get to make one!  They really are fun and once you have made one it seems your mind starts getting all kinds of ideas!  Now I want to make one in all white using yarns with different textures!  Thank you so much for taking the time to say hello!  xo

Your tree turned out so

Your tree turned out so gorgeous, Pam! Love, love, love the colors you chose and the beads that look a bit like jingle bells! So much fun! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation with us!

It is good to hear from you

It is good to hear from you Arielle.  I have been the worst friend on the planet this past year but so grateful that you haven't given up on me.  I do think of you often - I really do!!!

I am finally getting into making more tutorials and have a pretty full calendar for October and November and Dec.  So many great improvements over at Flicker that it is taking much less time to make a post!!  Yay!

Thank you for stopping by and I am delighted to hear you like my little tree.  They really look so cmplicated but they are not!  I promise.  

We need to catch up!!!!