Shaved Wood Ornaments for Kids!!

Shaved Wood Kit perfect for Kids

Although I love making shaved wood ornaments, I have always been a little hesitant to recommend them as a project for children! Well! I just figured out how to make it easy for children to participate!!!

Shaved Wood Kit perfect for Kids

Pre-glue a bunch of little wood curls! Easy to do while watching a program or movie. (I use Elmer's wood glue or school glue)

Of course children can do this, but I am thinking about attention spans these days and that the wait for the glue to dry before continuing may just be too long to hold their interest.

But if the curls are pre-glued and ready to be glued together into a shape - I am thinking this would work perfectly for kids! Little ones may need a bit of assistance with the clips, but let them do the designing!! Even if their creations seem a bit wonky, allow their creativity.

As shown above, simple designs like little trees or circle wreaths are manageable by almost any child over six without help.

Shaved Wood Kit perfect for Kids

And extra crafty kids can soak the curls in water (before glue) a little bit so they can be straightened and then the ends glued and clipped together as shown above. Once dry, fill in with glued curls - or not!!

Read more about the wonderful Shaved Wood Kits and how to get them HERE.

Everything needed except the glue is included in the kit - wood curls, clips, string, instructions for 6 to 8 ornaments!

Perfect for kid's holiday parties! Perfect for gifts! Perfect for package tie-ons! Perfect for garlands!