Meet My Friend Mark Handy : Generous Spirit and Photography Master

Antelope Canyon Photography by Mark Handy

Antelope Canyon, Arizona by Mark Handy

Breathtakingly beautiful image, isn't it?? It was made by an extremely kind and generous, not to mention incredibly talented, photographer I met over on Instagram - his name - Mark Handy. Find him here!

I sent Mark a message requesting a couple of my favorite images from his files to share with my followers here on Gingerbreadsnowflakes, and he sent me four! Two more he remembered I especially enjoyed!! You are in for a visual treat, my friends.

the Palouse region of Washington State photography by Mark Handy

Taken in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington State by Mark Handy

Mark has not only become an Instagram friend, but through him I have met a group of photographers that share his genuine spirit and share the world through unique visions.

I accidentally stumbled upon his work while searching Instagram for knitters! I didn't know how to narrow the search at that time so I simply waded through whatever Instagram chose to put before my eyes. And I waded passively through many "been there, done that, not remarkable images. And then one day WHAM! There was one of Mark's images - so dramatic and beautiful I could not help but click on it and then move on to the gallery. All I could think of is "Kirby would have loved this gallery".

False Kiva, Utah Photography by Mark Handy

False Kiva, Canyonlands NP, Utah by Mark Handy

Mark had only been on Instagram a few weeks at that time but since that time - something like 18 weeks - he has acquired more than 15K followers! AND, he is 100% behind the 'social' in "social media" responding to every comment left on his images! Even those from this knitter/crafty girl!!!

Visit his gallery on Instagram here!!! I promise your eyes and heart will thank you!

No doubt, you will notice three things right away! 1. Mark has a remarkable eye for composition: 2. His images are incredibly sharp - he uses a Phase One Camera system which allows him to make 40x60 images with no loss of detail (more here) : 3. Mark's images sparkle! He is a master at both in camera and post (editing) technique.

And he is all about sharing what he has learned, offering technique tips with some of his images and answering any question asked.

Mossbrae Falls, No. California  Photography by Mark Handy

Mossbrae Falls, Northern California by Mark Handy

"Meeting" Mark, was the most fortuitous "stumble upon" ever!

You see, I adapted to wedding photography using a digital camera quite easily because it actually supported my more candid approach. But I have had great difficulty seeing digital as a serious tool for landscape photography, and once I lost my field partner and muse, I really felt my days in photography had ended.

Thanks to Mark, Wolfypics (here), Now2Eternity (here), and several others you will meet over the next year, I am slowly being pulled back toward photography as a means for expressing my creative nature. And I hope one day to share that journey.

Thank you Mark, for bringing me back to what was once a very big piece of who I am!

A comment shared by a reader

A comment shared by a reader who receives my osts by e-mail.  Her response to this post below.  Keeping her identity private.

thank you for sharing Mark's pics and also part of your story. I am so glad your journey back to what you love has been inspired by this photographer.

God puts us in the most wonderful places that are just 'right' for us and your 'stumble upon Marks photographs'
was His 'right' place for you.

I am thinking you are

I am thinking you are absolutely right about this.  I was absolutely NOT interested in viewing photography other that that of a few lovely friends who are sharing Scandinavian images and of Italy, Spain and the UK.  But most of them also knit!!  Or share images that are more about artistic details.  Then I saw Mark's work and it stopped me dead in my tracks.  I visited his Instagram, read his words and all I could think of is Kirby would have really loved seeing his work and commun icating with him.  

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words here my friend.

From a reader who receives my

From a reader who receives my posts by e-mail,  Sharing her words but respecting her privacy.

WOW! what photos. Thanks so much for sharing. My parents actually owned a house in Utah some years ago but it was in Northern Utah and we visited Canyonlands NP and so I know this is one of the most stunning photographs I have seen taken there.

Absolutely one of the most

Absolutely one of the most stunning taken  there!  If you havent visited his site, be sure to do so because all of his work is amazing!

I always love hearing from you dear friend from way across the world!  You have been with me from the beginning and I never forget you are there!!

Hi Annette!  So happy to hear

Hi Annette!  So happy to hear from you!  Mark's work is incredible..  Absolutely incredible!  His gallery alone is worth joining Instagram.  Seriously.  He's one of the best photographers out there!

Just Beautiful!!!

Just Beautiful!!!