Christmas trees for every season


Christmas trees and christmas tree ornaments are my absolute favorite symbols of the season, and packing away all of my ornaments is the saddest part of the holiday.

Over the past 35 years I have collected a LOT of ornaments. And even after giving my children all of those that were theirs, I have way too many for my tree. Five years ago I found a very happy solution for both problems. A "Seasonal Tree" - a 4 foot tall artifical tree that takes up just a little bit of space next to my fireplace.

During late Summer and into Fall it is decorated with ornaments crafted by artists from my hometown, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I call it my "Fiesta Tree" because Fiesta is celebrated in Santa Fe in late summer, and celebrates the Spanish retaking of the village of Santa Fe following an Indian occupation of several years. Here is a link to the story behind the celebration and another link to burning of Zozobra (or Old Man Gloom) which begins the festivities. Not Christmas-related but a nice little side trip to a beautiful Southwestern town that has had a big influence in my life.

You are just in time to see the tree transform for November, when the tree is covered with feathered birds. My daughter gave me several of them as a gift one year. When she was growing up I always had a large collection of feathered birds on the tree - until her cat ate them!!!!! (Actually, thoroughly shreaded would be a more accurate description of what that sweet little kitty did to my beautiful birds!!!)

In spring...a tree covered with my punched tin butterflies....another reflection of the arts and crafts found in my hometown, and a craft I will be sharing with you in another post.

In winter - beaded snowflakes...which my daughter taught me to make. I am hopelessly addicted to making them. Here is a link to Martha Stewart for simple instructions for making them. You will get to see the Snowflake tree in January.

And in early December, you will see the "Star Trek" tree - I turn my little tree over to my husband to display his "Star Trek" ornament collection. I provide the lights, and a few stars and planets. It's pretty cool! Can't wait to share.

The thought has occured to me that for those of you not as infatuated with the holidays as I am, a little tree such as this one would be a terrific place to display crafts made by you or your children throughout the year. Actually, I like that idea very much - maybe I need another one!

beautiful your tree with all

beautiful your tree with all the special oranments , love it.

Your husband and mine should

Your husband and mine should get together - he is proud to say he has EVERY Star Trek ornament they have made... Except they go on our family tree.

Beautiful! I'm surprised to

Beautiful! I'm surprised to find that my husband isn't the only one with star trek ornaments! Maybe I should let him have his own tree!

I love the butterfly

I love the butterfly ornament!


what marvelous ornaments!