2015 Advent Countdown Calendar is Complete!! Sharing the Final Six Ornaments.

Ornaments knitted for 2015 Advent Countdown tree

Today, December 1st - time to begin the countdown to Christmas!

And I am sharing the last group of ornaments made for the new Silver Dollar Advent Calendar Tree! Just finished under the wire!!

I am sharing in two posts and knowing you are all so busy this time of year, I will keep it short and sweet!!

The little Christmas wizard above and the kitty and snow monster below, were made by making small adjustments to patterns designed by Marie Mayhew. Her home page is here

My Christmas wizard was created in honor of a very special friend. The lightening bolts flying out of the top of his hat - reflect his genius.!!!

Ornaments knitted for 2015 Advent Countdown tree

I love the versatility of the gnome pattern Marie shares in her brand new book, published just this year, "Whimsical Woollies". Both the Christmas Wizard and Snow Monster are made using that pattern and making very slight modifications.

I think the true worth of a book is when it teaches and then inspires. Marie has shared every bit of her knowledge and suggests so many ways one can create their own personal versions of the projects in the book.

Needle felting and embroidery enthusiasts will definitely enjoy having these knitted, wet felted figures in their hands awaiting new ideas and creative expression!

Ornaments knitted for 2015 Advent Countdown tree

My little fluffy kitten! I may use a few carefully needle felted fibers to tone down the eyes just a bit, but I do love how he turned out! I followed Marie's Woolly Cat pattern, but made many changes in rows knitted in order to make him small and cuddly!! The Woolly Cat pattern can be found in her "Woolly Something Shop" right here!

And Marie's book "Whimsical Woolies" can be ordered right here or here!

Your abominable snowman made

Your abominable snowman made me smile! So glad you've enjoyed this project, Pam! Thanks for sharing your creations with us!

I am so glad the snow monster

I am so glad the snow monster makes you smile!!!  I am spending the day with Diane, making ornaments!  I really need more ornaments!!!!