Happy Yule Lad Day. Come Meet My Christmas Elves!

Yule Lad Day gathering of Nisse, Tomte, Nisser, Tomtuu, Pakappik, Sami and Yule Lads!

December 12th! Yule Lads, known in Iceland as Julesvenier, begin coming down from high peaks and mountain valleys of Iceland to deliver treats to good children.

Children who have misbehaved receive a potato. As you can clearly see, that bag of potatoes, disguised as a hat, is just way to heavy for my little green Yule Lad who has collapsed in the snow!!

I have been happily at play many years making little Christmas Elves! Thought I would share them once again in case I might have a new reader or two!!!

PLEASE NOTE!  Unfortunately I seem to have made a big mistake entering the links below in the original version of this post which also appeared in subscriber's e-mails.  The links have now all been corrected.  Thank you to the kind souls that alerted me to the problem..

Nisse from Norway (felt marshmallow men) : tutorial and instructions here 

Nisser from Denmark  (smoking his pipe) :  Marie Mayher knit and felt pattern   here

Tomte from Sweden (hiding behind the nisse) :  tutorial and instructions here  

Tontu from Finland ( Pink hat hiding in the trees - he is currently having a time out for that) : tutorial and instructions  here  

Sami elf from northern Norway and Sweden ( colorfully dressed blue elf) : tutorial and instructions here   guest post on the Pickled Herring 

Yule Lads from Iceland (Mr. Potato sack head collapsed on the snow and the elf wearing the very tall fairisle hat on the right)  :  Tutorial/instructions here

Pakapikk from Estonia ( two little red suited elves huddled together in the center) : tutorial and instructions here  

Happy Yule Lads Day!