Yarn Stars. The Perfect Last Minute Ornament or Decoration.

Yarn stars 2015

Yarn Stars make beautiful, very last minute ornaments for holiday decorating - tree ornaments, garlands, gift tie-ons, hanging in windows. Diane at craftypod and I had a little yarn star making playtime with family and these were the results.

As you can see, even if you sort of lose your way and go a different direction, as long as you are consistent, the star should work out. Notice the cool open weave of the grey and red star above. I love it!

Once you "get" the wrap, you can make many in a short time. And the step by step for that can be found right here.

Recycle cardboard (these were made using the clean tops of pizza boxes). Use up scrap yarn. And if you have lots of left over yarn bits, the sky is the limit!!!

Grab a glue stick, plain or ball head straight pins,wrapping paper, scissors and a pencil and you are ready to make stars!!

Yarn Star Garland - Heritage Reflections at Christmas

Make stars in colors that represent the flags of your heritage.

Yarn Stars

Red and white is a perfect combination for Scandinavian themed stars. Red and lime green or pink and turquoise make stars that are beautiful on Latino trees. Blue and white are pretty for Hanukkah.

Yarn Star for Hanukkah

Or make a six sided Star of David - learn how here.

Yarn stars - experiment in using reds!

Use your imagination!

Yarn star in blues made for friend

This is a favorite! It is turquoise of course. Small mirrors can be glued in the centers with Elmer's glue. Old Christmas cards offer pretty center options. Even fabric. One day I am planning to add a Kanzashi to the center!

Yarn star in white and silver

Beads work too!!

As always, let me know if you have questions via comments or email.

Sooo pretty and decorative!

Sooo pretty and decorative!

Oh Maryline, what a joy to

Oh Maryline, what a joy to find both you and Silvia here today!  I appreciate your visit so much and your note to let me know you haven't forgotten me.  I thank you for that.  Wishing you a very happy Holiday season. xoxoxoxox

Lovely! I'm going to try to

I'm going to try to make one of them for me, this year! :)

Silvia, thank you so much for

Silvia, thank you so much for dropping by and for letting me know you are still here.  Especially since this past year or so I have been the worst friend ever.  I also see that Maryline visited today.  I am so happy to know my dear friends have not forgotten me!  

I will write soon, and fill you in on this past stupid year.

How is your Mother doing.  I felt so sensitive to her loss and to yours but now I understand it more than ever.  When you see her next, give her a hug from me.  She won't understand about this crazy woman from the US sending her a hug but just tell her it is because I am so grateful to her for her daughter.