Still Looking for a Simple, Quick, Inexpensive Gift or Ornament : Make God's Eyes!

God's Eyes make perfect Tree ornaments

I had a lovely, lovely friend on Instagram ask me about God's Eyes today. As I began preparing to send her links to several of my tutorials I thought - why not make a quick reference post instead. After all, my very first tutorial for making them was published 7 years ago during my first Christmas season on this blog.

Thank you Gaynor at The Original Pompombelle for another inspiration this week! You are awesome.

Gaynor is also responsible for me discovering the fact that I actually have a small collection of Angels!!  I have been sharing them on Instagram this week.

If you want to see why Gaynor's work inspires me - go here.  And visit her shop on Etsy here.

God's Eyes

The basic weaving tutorial for God's Eyes appears here. They are not difficult - I learned to make them when I was 10. And once you get the weaving down, you can make quite a few in a short time.

All you need are thin dowels or twigs from the garden. Some people use popsicle sticks, but I really prefer the look of the twigs or the dowels.

Great way to use up yarn scraps that seem to abound in almost every house hold. I prefer them in bright strongly contrasting colors, but they almost always are beautiful in any color scheme.

God's eye (Ojo de Dios) made using rescued hand spun yarns

I used hand spun to create this one. Grey mostly and some bright orange. I found the yarns in a plastic tub at the thrift for $1.00!!!

This one is six sided and rather big. The instructions can be found here.


I love adding rows of beads here and there. Gives them a dressy feel. Especially nice for holiday trees or hostess gifts.

Including beads does take a bit more time, but so worth the effort. Find out how to do it here!

God's Eye 1

Just so you know, the sticks or twigs you use do not need to be straight. In fact, some of my favorites are curved like this one.

God's Eyes 3-D

I did a bit of experimenting a couple years ago and figured out a couple ways to make three dimensional God's Eyes. Practice them in summer and make package tie-ons for next year!

That tutorial is here.

The great thing about this craft is that it takes little bits of nothing! And POOF! You've made something very pretty.

I learned to make these when

I learned to make these when I was a first-grader living in Colorado in the 1970s. I discovered your blog several years ago, looking for God's eyes instructions to use with my then third grade daughter's class (in Tennessee) for a holiday party. Since then I've also introduced them to a multi-age group in Alabama. The older kids made some beautiful pieces and helped the younger kids (as young as three), who didn't want to leave when parents arrived to pick them up!

Since finding your original tutorial, I've immensely enjoyed following your blog: so many wonderful ideas and clear instructions for projects that are basically accessible but also full of creative possibility. I am inspired over and over! Thank you, with best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, Pam!

Oh my goodness Denise, what

Oh my goodness Denise, what  lovely and kind words.  You have made my whole week.  I am so happy to here that people are receiving benefit from my blog content.  And I am always so grateful when someone takes the time to write and let me know that they have found the help they were loking for and more.  Happy Holidays to you and yours. and thank you for making mine brighter!