It's Mid-winter! And Brigid's Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, and Groundhog Day

Celebrating Brigid's Day Happy Mid-winter! We have made it to the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox!

Although the day is known by many different names (Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, and Groundhog Day) and is relegated to a specific date on the calendar, I see it more as a mid-winter season of sorts. And, it is the time of year I begin my morning garden strolls, steaming hot cup of coffee in hand, peeking under dead leaves, brushing aside fallen twigs and stems, scanning the earth for signs of new life emerging.

Pancakes - round like the sun and grain based - are always on the menu for breakfast or dinner.

Candles are lit to represent the returning sun and to soothe the winter weary spirit. My favorite candle to light and enjoy being the one above on which are displayed pressed flowers from my garden. The tutorial can be found here. You need a candle, wax paper and a hair drier! That’s it!

Celebrating Brigid's Day

Instead of spending a few evenings on my tiny porch next to my tiny fountain drinking Irish Breakfast Tea and watching floating candles meander the currents created by my tiny waterfall, I decided this year to try creating an ice lantern for my candles. I reasoned that the candle flames would be better protected from splashing water drops.

Celebrating Brigid's Day

So I set about making one as you see above.

The string and clips are simply there to hold the interior bowl in place in the center of the water filled larger bowl.

I used water in the smaller inside bowl to provide the weight needed to weigh it down, but anything heavy on hand would work - rocks, rice, beans, soup can………

Once the lantern has been in the freezer about 3 hours, it should be easy to remove the interior bowl. Return to the freezer overnight.

Place the bowl upside down on the towel as shown and allow the room temperature air to warm the bowl to the point that it releases the ice lantern.

Getting in a hurry and submerging the bowl in warm water, could have unwanted results as you can clearly see on the bottom left!!

Celebrating Brigid's Day

Feeling like the biggest smarty pant ever, I filled the lantern bottom with tea lights and colorful pebbles, and gleefully placed it in the fountain.

Celebrating Brigid's Day

After a few magical minutes of blissful delight at my genius….. I began to notice that my candles were floating and my pebbles were drowning.

One little thing I had not taken into account - water MELTS ice.

Next year I will set my lantern on top of a rock! Or go back to floating candles.

But if you want to know how to make an ice lantern - this might be useful!

Pam, oh how beautiful your

Pam, oh how beautiful your photos turned out! I love the idea of the floating ice lantern, even if it isn't meant to last long. Maybe the melting ice signifies the end of winter is near (or at least we've reached the middle of winter and now it's the countdown to spring)? Either way, the photos are gorgeous! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you in your peaceful, beautiful garden! Happy Mid-Winter!

Thank you so much my sweet

Thank you so much my sweet Arielle.  I must admit I had great fun and next year I will set the lantern on the side of the pond where it will melt much more slowely from the heat of the flame!!!  I was giggleing at my self for hours for not putting two and two together!!!!