Here she is!  My beautiful mother, modeling a gorgeous, hand crafted late 1940's Fiesta Dress!    (As a grade school student,  I was convinced I had the most beautiful mother on the planet!)

Ah!  Memories of La Fiesta de Santa Fe!  Growing up in that most magical village instilled so many cherished memories - La Fiesta celebrations being among my favorites.  And since La Fiesta is being celebrated this very weekend in Santa Fe, I thought I would share a few memories with you!

Mom and I often modeled in fashion shows together during Fiesta weekend.  wearing long, flow-y velvet Navajo skirts and blouses, squash blossoms and conchos.

Can you believe that frown?  What is that phrase - if looks could kill? I still remember getting that picture taken.  LOVED being dressed up, but  I REALLY did not like that photographer very much!

This amazing illustration is from a treasured book from my childhood "Pancho and the Pink Horse", written and illustrated by neighbor and friend, Teresa Kalab Smith (Teddy).  Printed in 1951, it is long out of print, but if you can find it, or any of her other books written for children, don't hesitate - own it!  

The 50' tall Zozobra aka "Old Man Gloom" will be burned in Santa Fe this very night!  He represents all our anxieties, worries and troubles.  Once they are consumed in flames, we are free of them and ready to enjoy three days of La Fiesta celebrations!

You, too, can have the chance to experience the burning of Zozobra thanks to you-tube and this video of "The Burning of Zozobra" in 2008.  Nothing has changed much since 1949 when I stood out in the field watching, my hands over my ears to dampen the loud bangs from the fireworks - except that he has grown taller!  Really!

 (Sorry it is a bit soft)  My grandmother Gwennie in her most fabulous, custom designed "Fiesta Dress".  She and my grandfather owned a gift shop in Santa Fe for 45 years and every Fiesta she greeted her customers and friends dressed in colorful "Fiesta Dresses" and wearing her favorite pieces of turquoise and silver jewelry.  I thought she looked like a queen!

Poncho and his Pink Horse with the very carosel I used to ride in the center of the Plaza - right next to the cotton candy vendor!! Another of "Teddy's" charming illustrations bringing back golden memories.

I hope you will visit the links and celebrate a little "Viva La Fiesta" this weekend.

Dear Pam, Thank you so much

Dear Pam,

Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photographs. I came across this page while doing research on traditional Navajo skirts for my novel on 1940s Santa Fe (really, Los Alamos), and one of my themes is mothers/daughters, so your photos especially captured me. What lovely, lovely memories of you and your mom (and grandmother).

All the best to you,

You did have a lovely mother

You did have a lovely mother and your grandmother was gorgeous, too.

What beautiful photos and an

What beautiful photos and an amazing post about your past. I love all the clothes and it's wonderful that you have all of these images still to share with everyone. Fantastic!


Wonderful those dresses. Your mother and grandmother look superb!...and you look pretty cute with your pout. Your neighbour was a very impressive artist/illustrator.
Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

they don't let un-beautiful

they don't let un-beautiful women into your family do they?! Those photos are wonderful, and HOW CUTE are you as a lil frowning girl?!

I love those old photos! Your

I love those old photos! Your mom and grandma were quite attractive. And you were a cutie! I hope you still have some of those outfits tucked away somewhere.

Santa Fe must have been a

Santa Fe must have been a wonderful place to grow up - how colorful and exciting! I loved visiting there several years ago. Fun post and how sweet to meet you as a little one and your mom and grandmom too. You think you were frowning?! You should see me in an Easter pic wearing a bonnet I was not happy about! LOL

Wow! What great photos! The

Wow! What great photos! The women in your family are knockouts!

I've never been to the South West - you make it sound so fun! I hope that I get to visit someday.

What beautiful photos! Your

What beautiful photos! Your mother is so gorgeous -- is it possible to be so tall and slender? She looks wonderful in a fiesta dress. (I'd look like a tree skirt in one of those!) Thanks for sharing.

Fabulous post, Pam! You did

Fabulous post, Pam! You did have a gorgeous mother. Women of that era were truly beautiful, mine was beautiful, too. Your vintage photos are super reminders of how we are tied to our past and where we came from. I love your dresses!

About 5 years ago, Rob and I went to Abiquiu for a botanical sketching retreat at Ghost Ranch. We had the most amazing time! Aftr the retreat we stayed in Santa Fe overnight before flying home. The Georgia O'Keefe Museum there is not to be missed. I learned so much during that week.

Wonderful post!

La Fiesta sounds so fun! Your

La Fiesta sounds so fun! Your mother is gorgeous and you look a lot like her! I like the idea of burning away your anxieties, worries and troubles, would love to do that every week!

And I forgot to say: The Ric

And I forgot to say: The Ric Rac!!!! Ohhhh! The Ric Rac!!!! :)

Oh, Pam! These pictures of

Oh, Pam! These pictures of you and your mother and grandmother are divine! And you *Did* have the most beautiful mother! My goodness! She is dreamy!

I had no idea you grew up in Santa Fe! I was born in New Mexico, and the first trip my husband and I took together after we had our daughter was to Santa Fe, so I have very fond memories of it.

Such a fun post! :)

You're on Apartment Therapy

You're on Apartment Therapy today! Congratulations!!!

Wow, you mom and grandmother... gorgeous!

How fun! I love the photos.

How fun! I love the photos. Santa Fe is such a cool place.