Cure for Holiday Frazzle

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Feeling a little frazzled and maybe your brain is fried? Take an UNSTRUCTURED Day. You will be amazed by its restorative powers. Trust me. I know stuff!

An unstructured is a day you set aside for yourself and make no plans NONE NADA. Mark off a whole day - all 24- hours - on your calendar and when that day arrives do ONLY what you WANT to do in that moment. Even if it is nothing. Sleep all day, stay in your pj's and knit, read or watch old movies. Eat Chocolate cake all day. It is not important what you do. it IS important it is what you really really want to do in every moment.

Even if you have young children, with a little advance planning and help from a friend who will reciprocate, you can do this.

And it will make such a difference. It is not about what you do but that you are spending the day in the moment and doing only what strikes you that you want to do in that moment.

Set the day aside, make advance plans if needed for meals, kids, etc, take a sick day, and then on your day just show up and let the day unfold.

Wise, wise words. I have been

Wise, wise words. I have been doing this more often, it keeps me sane and more productive the rest of the week.

It really is amazing how much

It really is amazing how much of a difference it can make.  Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.  We really do not have to go go go all the time, we just think we do.

good idea! I really need a

good idea!
I really need a day like this -___-
and you? are you only suggesting, or are planning to have one for yourself?

Hahahaha  Silvia my dear

Hahahaha  Silvia my dear friend, I am suggesting because I now do this regularly and it make a huge difference,  It is amazing how thoroughly we have convinced ourselves that we don't have time to recharge our batteries.