Correcting a mistake! There still is a Pendleton Woolen Mill Store in Portland!

Last spring, I created a post to celebrate the 100th birthday of  Pendleton Woolen Mills . At the time I posted, I was under the mistaken impression that the Portland Pendleton Woolen Mill Store was no longer open.

A very nice reader left a comment letting me know the Woolen Mill Store is very much still open!  To rectify my mistake, Diane and I recently spent a whole morning finding treasures and recording the visit.

Diane just couldn't leave this beautiful Pendleton wool houndstooth behind. And that stash of red and turquoise remnants - mine - all mine! You will be seeing what I do with them closer to Christmas - but for now - it's top secret!

Good news for all of you who wrote to tell me they were envious of our access to the Pendleton Woolen Mill Stores in the Northwest,  you can purchase many items at their e-bay store!

If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area and you haven't yet visited the Portland Woolen Mill Store, I encourage you to do so SOON!  So many  "leftovers" ready and waiting to be recycled into beautiful Christmas gifts and decorations as well as simple, easy garments, quilts and pillows!

Bins and bins of small blanket and worsted weight wool pieces left over from cutting out garments -  perfect for making ornaments based on these cute little birds or softies like this adorable donkey by Myra Masuda. Blanket weight wool is almost like felted wool.  You are going to love working with it! Especially at $5.00 per pound!

Yards and yards of felt edge tape.  Although it is designed for use to finish the edges of blankets and garments, these brightly colored felt strips could be used in weaving projects.

Selvages!  Perfect for rag weaving! You could make rag placemats using some of Diane's simple looms. Or - make a hand tied rag rug following the instructions in this tutorial by the Vintage Chica.

Wool strips and instructions to crochet a wool rug - classes are taught at the store! 

Check out the Woolen Mill Store blog for fall classes starting now such as selvage crafts, selvage rug crochet, crazy critters and fabric book covers.

And for all you felting enthusiasts - everything you could ever need for felting...

including a beautiful selection of wool roving in amazing colors - .25 oz. for only $1.50.  A perfect package size and price for stocking up on lots of beautiful roving for all those little critters we all dearly love.

Diane and I have a play date for felting already scheduled.

While you are shopping, be sure to wander into the amazing rug gallery which adjoins the store.  Beautiful rugs designed by Paul Alan Bennett and woven on looms at the Pendleton Woolen Mill in Pendleton, Oregon are on display.  Be sure to follow this link to the Pendleton, Oregon mill site for images of their legendary blankets, a little company history, a glossary of all the wools produced under the Pendleton name, and lots, lots more.

Diane trying to figure out "how they did that" - gives you little idea of the size of these gorgeous "rugs".   Whether you live here or plan to visit Portland anytime soon,  be sure to visit this gallery.

 Did you notice the floor?  Diane is standing on the original Pendleton Mill hardwood flooring.  It really is beautiful, battle scars and all.  As you stand on it looking up you realize you are standing right in the middle of the original textile mill.  Very cool.

We both found lots of wonderful treasures while we were visiting but I think this was Diane's favorite!  She plans to make a skirt, but it could also be made into a lovely, fringed shawl or scarf.

This is what she found to make a scarf - a remnant the perfect width and length.  A quick hem and it's done!  At a cost of $5.00 per lb., these two garments of 100% pure Pendleton wool are a fabulous deal!

We even found a bin filled with large pieces of  blanket weight wool for $5.00 per pound.

Christmas is only 100 days away!  Time to get started, if you haven't already, on all those lovely handmade gifts you have on your list.  And what better place to find just what you need for those projects than the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store in Portland. Those of you not living in Portland, check out their e-bay store - you never know what you might find!


I bought my Pendleton strips

I bought my Pendleton strips but have misplaced the directions to crochet a rug with them, could you email a copy to me? Thank you for your awesome products.

Carole, I wish I could help

Carole, I wish I could help but I am not Pendleton, I am just a huge fan and lover of Pendleton fabrics.  Actually - all things Pendleton.  I will see if I can get someone from the Pendleton Store to assist you.  

Stop it! You're killing me.

Stop it! You're killing me. If you only knew what we pay for wool roving over here - and we're surrounded by sheep!!! Sheep everywhere, why is it so expensive, why is everything so expensive here? I would love to visit that place with you Pam, fantastic - you're lucky it's still open :)

What a fun outing. I think I

What a fun outing. I think I might go broke if I lived anywhere near that place! Thank you for sharing :). And thanks also for the gentle nudge to get going on holiday handmade gifts. I have two embroidered stockings that absolutely must get done this year as well as a long list of other crafts I'd like to accomplish. Your 100 day comment is exactly what I needed to hear to get moving!

as soon as they invent the

as soon as they invent the teleport, I am so there! (also, moooom, these math questions in the validation thingy are hurting my braaaain)

Wow!! Looks like you and your

Wow!! Looks like you and your friend Diane had a fabulous time at the woolen mill. Such wonderful finds and bargains, too!