Delightful Illustrations, Yummy Chicken and Beautiful Market Photography


Ok - so a basket of gingerbread men? What is so special about a basket of gingerbread men you might be asking!

Childhood, Adventures and Sweden


A cinderella carriage! Knights and fair demoiselles! Magic! Fairy Tales! Castles! Treasures! All the stuff of of childhood dreams and more - and just one of the adventures Sasha invites us to share with her family on Squashed Tomatoes.

Happy Valentine's Day to my Daughter


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading and most especially to you Diane!

A Surprise From Norway!


This lovely surprise arrived just in the big middle of my thank you posts! Just half an hour ago. From Norway!

You do know what this is right? The real stuff to make curled wood ornaments just like the ones in yesterday's post - the roosters from Poland and the German ornaments I have had on my tree since the 70's!

A Great Place to Find Toddler Food and Fun


Once I pulled the images together for this post I didn't know what to start with! But settled on this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous curled wood rooster Kathy sent me this past summer. It is one of three! Her cousin brought them for me all the way from Poland!

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