Toys and Cookies and Merry Christmas


Pony for Sofia! Just delivered to "Mom" to hide under the tree! Very pleased with the pony! Completely designed and made from scratch by me!!!


Celebrate St. Lucy Day and Scandinavian Crafts.

Santa Lucia oct09

image and Lucy Doll by Alkelda

Lucy Day - the celebration of St. Lucia - is almost here and preparations are in full force in Norway, Sweden and Denmark because Lucy Day is the beginning of the Christmas holidays which will last for many in Scandinavian countries until January 20th - St. Knut's Day!

My Marshmallow Man is Really a Nisse! Make One With Felt.


Marshmallow Men! Recreated in Felt!

ADDED 01/2011  I just realized that many readers are not familiar with my original Marshmallow Men - made of Marshmallows!  Here is the link to the original post!  So sorry. 

Craftypod Online Class Gift Certificate Giveaway - The winner is...


Number 7 - Chris! Congratulations Chris!

I will send Diane your name and e-mail and she will contact you directly to set up your seat in the class of your choice!

Thank you to each one of you who entered the giveaway. I enjoyed hearing which classes appealed and especially - since I am a proud mother - loved hearing your lovely comments about Diane's classes and teaching skills.

In fact, I sent many of them over to her because I thought they would give her a lift and she wrote back with a little something for every person who left a comment. I will be contacting each of you personally soon as I need to give you a secret code!! :-).

Just so you have it handy -the upcoming 2011 class schedule!

I hope to see some of you in class in the new year!

2010 Stocking Giveaway - The Winner Is.....


Number 16! geek+nerd!

Please send me your address and the stocking will be on it's way!

Thank you to all participants - whether on this blog or one of the others. So many great comments and memories shared.

And again, thank you Robin for hosting this giveaway in the first place. Making and filling the stocking I am giving away was a delightful way to begin the holidays! I hope we get to do it again next year!

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