Learn All About Your Favorite Bling!


Now this is my idea of "bling"! A few of my favorites from my mineral collection.


Lots and lots of beautiful natural crystals - just the way they are formed by nature!

Visit Me On "CRAFT" to Learn How to Organize Your Crafty Life!


Yaaaaaay! I am so excited! I can't stand it! HAVE to share! A "how-to" I wrote on how to organize your crafty life has been published on Craftzine!

"Organize Yourself to Get More Crafty Projects Finished" offers lots of tips for getting to the picture above - lots of lovely finished projects...

A Few Tips for Organizing Recipes!


By now most of you know that I love to organize stuff! Can't help myself - it is in my genes!!! All my mother's fault! Her nick name is "effie" if that give you a clue.

If I hadn't figured out my little system for finding my favorite recipes, I can't imagine the hours and hours I would be wasting in "search mode"!!

It has worked so beautifully for me all these years and is so simple, (and can easily be modified for the computer), that I thought I would share.

How I Supported the Crafty Blogisphere in May


This is my beautiful new spindle and wool - part of the Learn to Spin Kit I treated myself to for my birthday last month.

I still haven't actually tried spinning yet - really feeling so intimidated for some silly reason.  I will keep you posted. When I spin my first yarn, you will be the first to hear about it!

I Need Your Help! I Have Lost All of My Reader


Well guys - I have managed to lose every one of you! My google reader and all my lovely links to my favorite blogs are all gone. Disappeared into the blogiverse - some dark corner of it from which there is no return.

Thanks to my incredible daughter Diane, who took a great deal of her precious time to help me, I now have a brand spanking new google reader - and it is completely empty. We tried to avoid this outcome but it was inevitable.

So, first I wanted all of you to know why you won't be finding comments on your posts for a bit.

And second, I would really appreciate it if you would send me an e-mail with a link to your blog. I am sure in time I will slowly patch about 50% of it all back together on my own, but it will go much faster if you will help me.

No doubt I will lose some of you, but I am so hoping not. I love the people I have met as a result of being a part of this blog community.

Fortunately, I keep a notebook - ANALOGUE notebook - in which I record bloggers names, info about them, their blog names, what they write about, etc. That will be a huge help. But it still will take time. And not everyone is written in it.

The tears have been shed and now I am ready to get to the business of restoring my beautiful reader but it will no doubt take a while and I hope you will understand if you don't see my smiling face visiting your blog right away!

Thank you in advance for your patience. And your help with sending a link to your blog.


Thank you to all of you who have sent me your addresses!  The greatest thing - when I'd had a good night's sleep, I remembered the published comment file on my blog and was able to find most of you I regularly receive comments from so my reader is looking quite beautiful by now!

Also I wanted to explain HOW I LOST MY GOOGLE READER because Diane has just posted a very useful and informative video tutorial on CRAFT to share tricks for organizing your feeds and for creating a bookmark system (tag) and I didn't want my experience to prevent you from following her advice.

Thanks to my daughter and all her efforts to "save" me, we finally figured out that the reason I lost my reader is that I had cancelled my g-mail

My sweetie had set it up for me as a back-up e-mail but since I never ever use it, I cancelled it.  What I didn't know - even though my google reader was originally set up under my regular e-mail address, when we set up the g-mail account, google apparently took it upon themselves to tie the google reader to the g-mail account.  I was not aware of this.  Diane suggested that considering their size, this is probably done to simplify things for them.

So the big thing to take away from this sad story is this, don't cancel your g-mail!  And use all those lovely functions Diane shares on CRAFT.

I did lose some tags. But not many because after using this system for a while, I realized my prodigious bookmark system on my browser works better for me.  (I don't retrain well!)  But for most of you it will work beautifully and you won't need to worry about losing it all because you are not cancelling your g-mail - right!

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