Welcome Spring


To welcome spring, I am going to share the words to a sweet little song my dear Great Grandmother used to sing to me every night when she tucked me into bed.

My Grammie lived in a little guest house right next to our house - separated only by her lovely rock garden and a small lawn where we would sit with her and eat her strawberry shortcake, or shell peas just picked from her garden, or pit cherries from the orchard.

A Couple Really Cool Things to Share

mice for blog

Adorable mice pin cushion image by Bustle and Sew.

I subscribed to a newsletter on Bustle and Sew a few months now and love it! I just had to share with those of you who are not already familiar with the blog.

A Beautiful Surprise from Switzerland!


This lovely little book, sent to me by an extraordinarily artistic and skilled Swiss quilt maker by the name of Maryline Collioud-Robert, couldn't have arrived at a better time. It happened to arrive just as that nasty old bug got hold of me. I didn't feel like doing much of anything but reading and knitting.

Christmas in March Package Number Two!

Mum's Christmas Presents 2006

Image by Salihan

Seriously, opening the box containing giveaway #2 was like opening a Christmas stocking!

February 2011 026

See What I Found in Surprise Box Number 1

Gift box

Photo by sparkleblues

Thanks to three lovely friends, not operating on all four burners these past couple weeks hasn't been all bad!

I have received three fabulous packages in the mail! It is like - well Christmas in March around here!

I won two giveaways - TWO!

And a new friends from Switzerland sent me ...oops I almost gave it all away! Don't want to do that! I am going to share one package each day!

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