Come, join me and Margit as she tells us about a Danish Christmas


Margit has decorated her tree this year with glass balls and nature related ornaments she has designed herself.  According to Margit, her tree is quite untraditional but I love her idea of untraditional!

 Before continuing, let me apologize for "disappearing" for several days!  It could not be helped, but I am very happy to be up and around and back to myself again!

Las Posadas begins!

My Nacimeinto  - nativity - which I put out at the beginning of Las Posadas on December 16th.

Chocolate Houses! Gingerbread Houses! Making Christmas Memories.

We will start with Chocolate houses!

Diane and I got together for an unstructured* Christmas play date!  Yaaaay!

And we spent the afternoon blissfully playing with and giggling over our chocolate house kit that Peggy from Chocolate Craft Kits had given us during a recent visit to her "doll house". 

Celebrating December 13th - Santa Lucia Day - with a Craftypod Podcast!

I hope you are joining me in a breakfast of Lucia Bread and gingerbread cookies!

My advent calendar image for Santa Lucia Day

La Virgen Guadalupe - December 12th

My tiny altar for La Virgen Guadalupe.

Diane made the origami lilies years ago and I include them in my holiday celebrations every year.

Join Angie - At Home in Mexico - in her celebration of La Virgen Guadalupe.

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