No jar left behind! Recycle Condiment and Jam Jars into Seasonal Candles


Here are some glass jars "re-purposed" into candle lanterns for Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall! And the best part - all of these (except the Fall lantern) can be "re-purposed" again for another use, like maybe holding buttons, or beads, or glue sticks!

March is a good month to think "green"

March is a great month to focus on "re-purposing", "sustained re-use", and "multi-purposed objects" (objects that multi-task).


My favorite "multi-tasking object"...

My embroidery hoop (rescued from a garage sale a few years ago), seen here in its Christmas/Valentine mobile incarnation. If you have an extra hoop lying around that is not currently in use, turn it into a mobile until you need it again. It is so simple to attach a few favorite seasonal objects.

Eureka! My Table Loom Is Operational!

I bought myself a birthday present last year - a Rigid Heddle Loom made by Ashford Wheels and Looms, New Zealand. And then, I proceeded to spend the entire year finding "other things to keep me busy". Like this blog! That's it ... that's why I never got this loom put together. I'll blame it on the blog!


Spring - Three Weeks Away!

It still feels like winter around here (snow yesterday) and my winter village is still sitting out, but I know spring is right around the corner because...

My pussywillows are beginning to pop out of their shells...

...And flower buds on my ornamental plum trees are beginning to swell just a tiny bit.

Go outside and look around for branches from flowering trees or bushes that you can bring into your nice warm home.

Within two days, the tight little buds will begin to swell, and within four or five days they will be almost ready to pop open!

Morning of the 6th day! First blossom opens at 7:00 am.

And look at how many popped by noon!

What are you waiting for? Go cut a few branches and bring them inside. Enjoy the show!

Pendleton Woolen Mills - 100 years

To celebrate PENDLETON WOOLEN MILLS 100th anniversary, I finally made this tote for "craft projects in progress" from a remnant I picked up at the mill store 12 years ago! Blanket weight 100% wool that feels and looks almost like felted wool. The price tag was still attached - $2.00 for this 60"x24" piece!


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