Mini Tips and Tuts: Short and Sweet Way to Cut Wax Paper For Cookie Tins

Simple way to make a wax paper cookie tin liner

Starting a new, intermittent series with this post! Mostly because I have begun to gather a collection of tiny tutorials and quick tips I want to share. So I will be tucking "Mini Tips & Tuts" in here and there between my regular posts - at least through the rest of the year and - who knows - maybe beyond!

Christmas and Winter Holiday Cookies: Pfeffernüsse


Pfeffernüsse! Lovely, fragrant, tasty Pfeffernüsse! One of the oldest spicy cookies in northern Europe and known and beloved by the Dutch as Pepernoten! Translation of both words - "pepper nuts"!

Book Review: "Quilting Happiness" by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland

Quilting Happiness by Christine Lane and Diane Gilleland

Quilting Happiness: Projects, Inspiration and Ideas to Make Quilting More Joyful written by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland.

Make Lavender Wands and Enjoy the Fragrance of Summer All Year Long

Lavender Wands

Photo and lavender wands made by Nancy Hiroka

The very second I saw Nancy's image of her beautiful Lavender Wands I fell in love! They may not be new to some of you, but they sure were to me!!!

Check Out My Christmas Present! And Find Out How You Can Make One Just Like It!


I seem to have accumulated a bit of a collection of cool things I want to share - mostly about other crafters! Rather than share it all in one big post, over the next couple weeks I am sprinkling these short little "share posts" in among my bigger "regularly scheduled" posts! And I am starting with this very cool Reverse Applique Pillow made by Sister Diane over at Craftypod!

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