Holiday Gift Making Begins at Make One! And Other Good Stuff About Knitting!


Another delicious visit to Make One! With Melissa's help and guidance, I left her beautiful shop with a couple bags of yummy, soft, scrumptious skeins of yarn destined to become Christmas presents!

After all, September 26th is a big important day - 90 days until Christmas - and it is definitely time to get crackin' on hand made holiday gifts!

Supporting Indie Makers in August!


Gorgeous spindel spun just for me - to use as a part of my hand spun yarn woven bag project!

My Mom sent me the yarns in the background last spring - the wool grown, sheared, cleaned, carded, and spun by American Indian women from Northern Arizona.

Giving Some Equal Time to My Talented Son!


It is about time I do some bragging on my son Michael! Diane's brother.

Diane and I share our online adventures so we tend to mention each other and our crafty endeavors often.

Well - just so you know - Mike is just as talented and creative as his sister but in his own ways. Although I am sure if he would ever explore carving he would find he has natural born carving skills, he doesn't have a burning desire to try his hand at arts or craft.

They Grow Up So Fast!


Our beautiful, delicious, juicy, scrumptious tomatoes! At their peak and on our table at least twice a day! We expect to have tomato red cheeks any day now!

What a thrill this is for me. My first ever tomatoes grown from seed!


Remember when? Back last spring when they were tiny babies?


Seeds harvested from a New Mexico red chile couldn't wait to sprout once I put them in moist soil.


And now I have my very own New Mexican green chile crop! Small crop.

New Mexico doesn't get much rain so my chile seedlings were quite confused during the spring and early summer. But now that we are having warm dry weather, they are going crazyand making up for lost time!

Green chile cheeseburgers with fresh tomatoes on the side for dinner tonight!. Anyone want to come over?

Sharing a Sweet Moment


Love this shot! Had to share.

My sweetie made this image while taking a series of portrait shots at a lovely park here in the Portland/Vancouver area.

What I love most about it is that it was a captured moment - not posed or planned.

And so many great elements all working together to create the mood.

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