Playing Together Making Pumpkin Carvings and Advent Candles

thanksgiving pumpkin carving d_thumb[1]

Last fall, right before Thanksgiving, two friends Rebecca and Phyllis, joined me in producing what I called "joint posts" - but actually we just agreed to post about our own versions of the same craft project on the same day!

A Little Woven Star Trade


After I posted the tutorial for making yarn stars in December of 2009, a couple of readers wrote me telling me they had been making them as gifts and were so pleased at how they were turning out. They seemed to be having so much fun making them that I asked them if they would consider swapping yarn stars with me!

Christmas Cheer from Robin and Katie!

For the remaining days of "Thank you" I will be including two or more bloggers in a post. For one thing, I am running out of days! And I want to get to everyone.

Bloggers featured will be grouped together into themes - for lack of a better word.

So today I am featuring two fantastic gals who were a huge part of my Christmas Cheer!


Photo by Robin of RSISLANDCRAFTS

Delightful Illustrations, Yummy Chicken and Beautiful Market Photography


Ok - so a basket of gingerbread men? What is so special about a basket of gingerbread men you might be asking!

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