How To: Cereal Box Woven "Wheat Straw" Stars (Suns) to Celebrate the Primstav Summer Season

Woven Straw Star Ornaments


Woven Straw Stars = Cardboard Strip Version

Today I am celebrating the beginning of the summer season!

Oops! Did I just rock your world?

Dutch Canal Houses Embroidery Has Been Completed. Sharing a little PDF

Dutch Canal Houses Embroidered Table Runner

Dutch Canal Houses Embroidery completed! And I am happy to report - completed in time for St. Nicholas Day last December. At least one end of it.

I am the first to notice my stitching is not perfect, but one thing I did learn is that, in this particular case at least, the whole is greater than it's imperfect parts!

Celebration Cake for Twelfth Night - Grape Cake!

Twelfth Night Cake

Happy Twelfth Night!

As has become my recent tradition - I am celebrating with a brand new (to me), unusual cake! Grape Cake!

Many countries around the world celebrate December 5th-6th with special cakes. Loving the idea - I have borrowed the tradition! (You can find links to special cakes enjoyed in previous years near the end of the post.) 

Buon Natale from Italy. Beautiful and Unique Presepi (Nativities)

Italian Hand Carved Nativity displayed in a crystal cave

Today, I have the great pleasure of sharing with you images of several unique and beautiful presepi (nativities), most of which are personal, much loved treasures belonging to members of the EtsyItalia Team. And most have been hand made.

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