Presepe: A Collection of Nativity Stories from Italy by Madame Renard

Italian nativity or Precepe

Nativities have held a special place in my heart since I was a very little girl. Growing up in Santa Fe (many years ago when it was still a quiet little Spanish village) I was surrounded by beautiful nativities during the winter holidays and have never lost the feelings of awe and peace that came over me while viewing a particularly beautiful nativity.

Celebrating St. Lucy Day!

Welcome St. Lucy

Tomorrow is St. Lucy Day and to get you into the mood (just in the slightest case you aren't already) I am sharing a few of my favorite sites - new and old - Scandinavian - all!

Almost all Scandinavian! 

Winter Sun Illuminating an Ice Sculpture Reveals Angels, Madonna and Child

Ice Sculpture madonna, Child and Angels

©Harris and Harris Photographics

A special post on my personal winter holiday, December 10th - Angel Day.

Look closely - can you see the Madonna and Child? Several Angels?

We didnÂ’t see them at all when we took the picture.

We were literally racing against the light as it swiftly moved across the face of a stunning frozen ice sculpture which had formed from a little water fall on Mt. Hood.

Scrambled Pancakes from Austria! A Little Holiday Story!


 Kaiserschmarren image by Robert Lender

Kaiserschmarren! Scrambled Pancakes! A favorite treat in Austria anytime of the year but especially at Christmas.

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