Christmas is Coming! And St. Nicholas Day! And St. Lucy Day! And Novena! And Winter Solstice!

St. Lucy, Star Boy, Scandi-gnome and Tomte

December is here! Christmas is 24 days away! And for many of us the daily countdown has begun!

Happily there are lots of days to celebrate between now and the 24th. And one of them is St. Lucy Day on December 13th. To celebrate, I just completed these adorable Scandinavian figures made using cardboard cones from Yarnia.

Danish Woven Paper Heart Baskets - Make Them Unique With These Simple Tricks

Danish Woven paper Baskets

Creating variety in weaving patterns and the tops of Danish woven heart baskets is easy! And fun! Begin with this tutorial to make Danish Woven Heart Baskets and after you have mastered the technique, move on to adding your own creative touches!

Make Simple Danish Paper Trees

Danish paper Trees

Adding to my collection of Danish cut paper trees!

Since most of the designs I am using are the published work of Gunvor Ask and Harriet Ask, and I want to entice you into making 3-D paper trees, I have created a very easy pattern that anyone can make in just a few minutes!

A whole forest of these simple trees in several sizes would be a very pretty background for a winter village scene or nativity.

Norwegian Cookie Advent Calendar

Norwegian Pepperkaker Advent Calendar

Without a doubt - the yummiest Advent Calendar ever! Just the fragrance alone will fill every nook and cranny of your home with the scent of Christmas goodness.

Last year, Gill, a lovely on-line friend living in Norway shared with me a story about the cookie Advent Calendars her MIL made every year for each of her children.

Easy Alternative To The Scandinavian Wooden Advent Calendar Tree

Advent Calendar

Another easy, simple tree for hanging your Advent Calendar chocolate filled hearts and mini ornaments!!

I designed this Advent Calendar Tree as an easy to make alternate option to the 3-D wooden Scandinavian Tree; and to make use of those totally cool Pinhooks I told you about in the previous post!

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