Christmas Stocking Giveaway #1


Stocking Giveaway time is finally here!

I have two stockings to give away this year! Each one will have goodies inside to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy Day, Guadalupe Day and other little goodies I have been collecting this year - like Fanie's adorable stamps! If you have been reading my blog, you know what they are!

Also, I am tucking in a couple easy to put together little "kits" from tutorials here on Gingerbread Snowflakes.

And in each stocking will be a little bitty box of those lovely chocolate sprinkles the Dutch love to put on their toast every morning!

Remember the Stocking Giveaway is hosted by Robin at Rsisland Crafts and if you follow this link you will find links to all the other crafty people who are holding Stocking Giveaway's on their own blogs! You can also use the button on the sidebar (right below the 2010 Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap) to reach the links!

Make the rounds and put your name in as many hats as you like! More giveaways will no doubt be posted throughout the week, so be sure to check back often.

If you would like to hold a giveaway on your own blog - it is not too late! Just pop it up on your blog and link to Robin's blog so you can link your site to all the others.

To enter the Giveaway for THIS sweet 12" quilted and embroidered Spoonflower fabric stocking, simply leave a comment below and tell me coolest thing you have ever found hiding in your Christmas stocking! And you can enter giveaway # 2 here if you would like two chances to win a stocking!

The giveaway is open until midnight PST December 5th (St. Nicholas Eve); and the winner will be announced on December 6th (St. Nicholas Day)!

Internationals are welcome to enter!

Good luck everyone!

A Few Tips For Surviving the Winter Holidays to Ponder Over Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am so looking forward to another delicious dinner at Diane's house. And a few days off! So this will be the last post until next Monday, November 28th - time to share the contents of my stockings and announce the 2011 Christmas Stocking Giveaway!

It is almost December 1st!

Many of us are up to our ears right now in baking and cooking and cleaning and preparing for the big dinner. Others are packing their bags to enjoy a home cooked feast with family.

Snowy White Sparkly Kanzashi (and Yo Yo) Garland


Sharing a little experiment using Kanzashi templates, Pellon and craft mirrors to create a garland. Another idea that came to me in the shower!

It's Not Too Late to Make An Advent Calendar - But Almost!


Sorry this is a bit soft - as soon as they are open again, I will replace this!

As you no doubt have figured out by now, I am crazy about Advent Calendars! And I have just figured out that I must have a collection because as of today I have accumulated and made a total of 10 Advent Calendars!

Apparently I just can't get enough of opening little windows!

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