Happy New Year! 2011!


Happy New Year everyone!

I know I have been absent from the blogiverse these last couple weeks and now of course I have so much to catch up on and so many friends to catch up with. I hope you will all be patient with me while I try.

I did something I have often advised friends to do! I took what I call unstructured time off. A period of time during which nothing is planned - you kinda withdraw from every one and every thing possible and only do what you want to do in the moment.

Diane sort of did the same. It is very healing and rejuvenating and probably long overdue for both of us.

To celebrate a brand New Year, and the Twelve Days of Christmas, and to acknowledge the nearly three months of winter ahead, despite the lengthening days, I am having a little giveaway - the last one of the season.


The long, dark, cold days in the northern hemisphere - the best time to snuggle into a comfy chair, cover your toes with a blanket and knit or crochet!  It seems appropriate to have a giveaway perfect for the cold days ahead.

There is a $20.00 gift certificate waiting for the winner of the giveaway at Yarnia

Learn more about Yarnia here and here.

The certificate amount will easily purchase enough yarn for a pair of socks or a hat, perhaps even a scarf.  The cone I purchased above has been enough for a pair of socks and there is plenty left over for other projects - it cost me a little over $14.00. 

The winner can use the certificate for either...


a pre-made yarn from stock or


the opportunity to actually design your very own yarn using Yarnia's online custom yarn creator.

If you don't crochet or knit, you still might find just the perfect yarn for another project like the ones below!


Diane's adorable little yarn dolls - yarn and felt folks as she calls them! If you go to her tutorial on Craftstylish, she even provides free downloadable patterns for the outfits! 

Imagine how much a child in your life would love finding one of these on the top of their package next Christmas - or even on their birthday gift this year!.


Yarn stars for getting a jump on next year's gifts and package decorations. Yarnia's yarns will work up beautifully for this project.


Turn cone shapes onto trees or even angels.  I am working on an angel with some of the leftover yarn from the blue cone above.


Since many of the yarns are very thin (so that they can be combined with other yarns), embroidery buffs may even find the perfect yarn for creating an embroidery project!


And weavers - create you own yarns! Imagine the beautiful textures and colors you could create using the custom yarn creator to design your own, unique weft!

I often use two or three - even four- yarns together as one weft for texture and color.  But if I were actually wanting to use such a combination for a large piece, having them wound together onto a cone would be great!

P1080290 Ok! So - to enter - all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what project you would like to make with your brand new Yarnia yarn!

This was supposed to be a Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway! But since I am a little behind - I am extending the ending date to January 15th. Giveaway will close at 6:00 pm PST.

International readers are welcome to enter.

Good luck to all and again, Happy Brand New Year!

Toys and Cookies and Merry Christmas


Pony for Sofia! Just delivered to "Mom" to hide under the tree! Very pleased with the pony! Completely designed and made from scratch by me!!!


Celebrate St. Lucy Day and Scandinavian Crafts.

Santa Lucia oct09

image and Lucy Doll by Alkelda

Lucy Day - the celebration of St. Lucia - is almost here and preparations are in full force in Norway, Sweden and Denmark because Lucy Day is the beginning of the Christmas holidays which will last for many in Scandinavian countries until January 20th - St. Knut's Day!

My Marshmallow Man is Really a Nisse! Make One With Felt.


Marshmallow Men! Recreated in Felt!

ADDED 01/2011  I just realized that many readers are not familiar with my original Marshmallow Men - made of Marshmallows!  Here is the link to the original post!  So sorry. 

2010 Stocking Giveaway - The Winner Is.....


Number 16! geek+nerd!

Please send me your address and the stocking will be on it's way!

Thank you to all participants - whether on this blog or one of the others. So many great comments and memories shared.

And again, thank you Robin for hosting this giveaway in the first place. Making and filling the stocking I am giving away was a delightful way to begin the holidays! I hope we get to do it again next year!

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