Review: The (Awesome) Christmas Pocket Bible

The Christmas Pocket Bible

The Christmas Pocket Bible by Guy and Steve Hobbs and published by Crimson Publishing, UK as part of the Crimson Publishing Pocket Bible Series.

Progress Update: Canal House Embroidery, Solstice Quilt Block, and Santas!

Dutch Canal House Embroidery

Dutch Canal house embroidered table runner - making progress!

Dutch Canal House Embroidery

Making a Christmas Elf Forest - The Beginning

Christmas gnomes and fiber trees

A sneak peak at my Christmas Elf forest! As many of you know, my collection of Scandinavian Christmas elves has been growing each year. But it is way too easy for them to disappear among the other ornaments and branches of my holiday tree, so I have decided that what is needed is a forest of their very own - a forest of "fiber trees" and mushrooms!

Recycle Christmas and Greeting Cards with My Friend TeriC

Holiday Cards

Today I am celebrating "90 Days Until Christmas"! And I am celebrating in two ways - testing out three different recipes for Speculaas cookies and sharing with all of you a most excellent idea for reusing all those "way too pretty to toss out" holiday (and birthday) cards.

Snowmen and Gingerbread Men from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Snowmen made using pattern and instructions from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Just finished making my snowmen!!

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