Scandinavian Christmas on the Pickled Herring Shares My How-to for Palæg Chokolade


Palæg Chokolade! One of my two favorite breakfast treats! (the other being Chocolade Hagel of course!)

Both are versions of chocolate made for topping toast! And what could be more welcome on a frosty morning! Even my beloved Lingonberries have had to step aside for this!

Magical, Easy Christmas Mittens to Decorate Trees and Packages.


I can't stand it! These are so cute and sooooo easy I just had to show them off!

Meg (MegaCrafty) Has come up with a pretty darn cute idea for needle felting ornaments! I am so making a few to add to my own collection for the Christmas Tree Challenge Meg is hosting on her blog.

Christmas Elves are Arriving Everywhere! Don't Miss the Yule Lads Arrival in Iceland!


It is time! The first one will be showing up any minute now! And will be followed by twelve of his kin over the next 12 days!

Who? Why Jolasveinarnir of course! Also known as Yule Lads. From now til Christmas, one Jolasveinar will come down from his mysterious hiding place in the mountains of Iceland to join in the celebration and merriment of the holiday season. It is their happy task to seek out good children and leave them little treats.

Christmas Magic in Estonia

Town Hall and Town Hall Square at night during Christmas

Image of Tallinn, Esonia by tourism

Tallinn, Estonia! Many sources point to this tiny corner of the world as the birthplace of the Christmas Tree traditions.

Five Beautiful and Meaning Filled Polish ChristmasTraditions

Kathy, a Polish American living on the east coast of the US with her husband and three children, shares her adventures while raising three year old twins and making delicious, child friendly recipes on her blog Part of her family lives here in the States and part in Poland. 

To see just how close her ties are to Polish traditions, read this recent post in which she shares amazingly beautiful images of her Mother's Thanksgiving Feast. Don't miss this - go visit - you will be so glad you did! Most likely you will be wishing, as am I, that you were on the guest list!

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