In Japan, Christmas is Celebrated With KFC, Lights and Romance.


Image of Colonel Santa Sanders taken by Arielle for this post!

A special post created to share Christmas in Japan by Arielle.

Arielle is an American currently living with her husband in Okinawa, Japan and over this past year has become a virtual friend. She is not a blogger so it is all the more special that she made this post to share with my readers.

French Gingerbread Men for St. Nicholas Day!


To celebrate St. Nicholas Day, I made gingerbread men!

But not just any gingerbread men!

Marché de Noël Paris

12 Very Cool Crafty Kits For Crafty Gift Givers


Christmas Candy made by Diane and me using Sculpy! 

Most of you reading this post are crafty! And I would be very surprised if every single one of you didn't know at least one or two crafty people! Maybe even some crafty people can be found on your holiday gift list!

I am thinking, with the cold dark days of January coming soon, a gift that would give a friend or loved one something to look forward to making would be a perfect choice!

Sneak Peak at What Will be Hiding in the Giveaway Stockings!


"Christmas is coming, the stocking's getting fat! Please put your name in the stocking hat!"

Ok so - I fail at song lyrics! Sigh.

A sneak peak at some of the contents of the "giveaway" stockings! Wooden shoes and chocolate sprinkles for toast to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, Dala Horses to celebrate St. Lucy Day, "tin" stars to celebrate Guadalupe Day,  Straw "suns" to celebrate Solstice and stamps to celebrate anytime! AND there are secrets!

Men Love This One Too! Minty Chocolate Bars


Another cookie that men love to eat! At for least the men in my life - these have been a favorite for years. There is just something irresistible about mint and chocolate together.

Mint Chocolate Bars is a very easy cookie treat to make. It takes a bit of time for each layer to cool between steps, but nothing hard here! Make up a batch and watch them disappear!


Make the brownie/cookie layer

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