Making Springerle to Celebrate 60 Days Til Christmas


Almost 60 days until Christmas! And I am celebrating by baking a "old world" cookie that originated in central Europe sometime during the 1600's - Springerle!

Once Springerle is baked, the cookies must be stored in an airtight container for about 4 to 6 weeks prior to eating so baking them in celebration of "60 days until Christmas" makes sense! Right?

Winter Holiday Survival Planning Guide


100 Days until Christmas!

The kiddos are back in school and for most of us - a couple quiet weeks ahead. A perfect time to block out a couple hours on the calendar, curl up in your favorite spot with a plate of cookies and a pot of tea, and make a plan of attack for surviving the winter holidays!

Announcing a Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap to Celebrate St. Nicholas Eve, December 5th


I am on a mission! A Winter Holiday Cookie Mission!

On December 5th - St. Nicholas Eve - Gingerbread Snowflakes is going to host a Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!


Rainbow Bubbles! Perfect Celebratory Dessert

Yaaaaaaaay!  The recipe for this bubbly, refreshing, delicious family favorite dessert just got featured on my favorite little corner of the blogiverse to find recipes and food prep techniques - Foodwhirl!

Instant dessert! Perfect anytime treat! Did I mention deliciousPop over to Foodwhirl, get the recipe and give it a try - today!

"Unmade" Ornament Rescue complete! Sweet ATC Frames and a Little Dala

Inspiration for another Dala from the Land of Unmade Ornaments

But we will get back to that in a bit!  First I just have to share these cute little owls I absolutely HAD to make! 

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