Update from the Land of Unmade Ornaments!

 Finally done!  My red Dala!   Had to make a red one - it's traditional! Been putting this one off because I haven't attempted embroidery in years  and I wasn't feeling all that confident.  

But once I got into it,  I had fun and learned a few new stitches along the way!  I really do not like the mane - huge mistake - but I would not like tearing it out more!!

Merry Christmas

Christmas card Diane sent to me from college, December 1986.

Just to let me know how much she was looking forward to coming home for the holiday break.

I always had cookie tins and jars filled with goodies lined up on the buffet awaiting her arrival.  And immediately upon arriving home, and after giving me my big hug, she made a beeline for the buffet - opening each one and blissfully sampling the contents, rolling her eyes and making happy, contented little sounds.  Still to this day, one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Come, join me and Margit as she tells us about a Danish Christmas


Margit has decorated her tree this year with glass balls and nature related ornaments she has designed herself.  According to Margit, her tree is quite untraditional but I love her idea of untraditional!

 Before continuing, let me apologize for "disappearing" for several days!  It could not be helped, but I am very happy to be up and around and back to myself again!

Las Posadas begins!

My Nacimeinto  - nativity - which I put out at the beginning of Las Posadas on December 16th.

Chocolate Houses! Gingerbread Houses! Making Christmas Memories.

We will start with Chocolate houses!

Diane and I got together for an unstructured* Christmas play date!  Yaaaay!

And we spent the afternoon blissfully playing with and giggling over our chocolate house kit that Peggy from Chocolate Craft Kits had given us during a recent visit to her "doll house". 

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