Valentine's Day

Tomte! Be My Valentine!

Tomte!  Be My Valentine!

I am soooooooooo in love with my new Alan Dart Tomte! Just finished him a couple days ago. AND I am totally in "crafty love" with BARC Wood Veneer Paper - which is what I used to make the sweet little prototype Valentine Danish Heart Basket he is holding.

Cookies! Sweet Yummy Valentine (or Any-Other-Time) Cookies!

Carmel Nut Bars

The brand new Valentine Cookie Recipe Flickr Set is ready and waiting for you!!!

Find it right here!

As always, I am here if you have questions!!

Now Â… you have a whole weekend ahead of you ...  go bake cookies!!!

Valentine Love

Crocheted hearts

Happy Valentines Day!

Don't you love my new hearts?

My friend Gill sent me the beautiful red one from Norway; and the pink one - my very first crocheted heart! Made from a pattern Greta sent as a thank you for my orders from her shop ATERGcrochet.

A Special Valentine and A Special "Thank You Gift"!


Tangle Template from "Tangle Journal" by Genevieve Crabe.

I promised to share my special Valentine for everyone mentioned in this 2011 "Grateful For" series once it was completed!

A Valentine to My Daughter


Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful daughter Diane and my handsome Grandkitty, Pushkin!

In giving me the this little blog-ship so that I could venture out into internet space - specifically the crafty blogiverse, Diane has given me two most excellent gifts: connections with amazing, brilliant, talented friends, and opportunities for learning and exploring new ways to express myself artistically.

I have never kept my appreciation a secret!

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