Valentine's Day

A Valentine to My Daughter


Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful daughter Diane and my handsome Grandkitty, Pushkin!

In giving me the this little blog-ship so that I could venture out into internet space - specifically the crafty blogiverse, Diane has given me two most excellent gifts: connections with amazing, brilliant, talented friends, and opportunities for learning and exploring new ways to express myself artistically.

I have never kept my appreciation a secret!

Easy Peasy Hearts for Valentines Day!


Since the days leading up to Valentines Day are some of my busiest of the year, I tend to look for very simple, easy ways to add hearts to my decor!

Two sweet and easy tutorials were safely tucked away in my bookmark files and a third happened quite by accident!

Rainbow Bubbles! Perfect Celebratory Dessert

Yaaaaaaaay!  The recipe for this bubbly, refreshing, delicious family favorite dessert just got featured on my favorite little corner of the blogiverse to find recipes and food prep techniques - Foodwhirl!

Instant dessert! Perfect anytime treat! Did I mention deliciousPop over to Foodwhirl, get the recipe and give it a try - today!

Making Chocolate Boxes on Valentine's Day!

Peggy Alter
, chocolatier and accomplished pastry chef invited Diane and me to her unofficial Valentine's Day open house to make chocolate boxes!

You can read Diane's version of our play date here!


Sweethearts at fourteen.  Sweethearts still!

First date - "The Creature from the Black Lagoon".  Romantic huh?

We met in science class.  That's us in the back row!  I loved learning about science.  He loved explosions!  Nothing's changed!

Happy Valentine's Day to my Sweetheart.

Happy Valentine's Day to each and every one of you in my new, crafty family!

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