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Beautiful Embroideries to Celebrate Michaelmas Season

Michaelmas Daisies for Michaelmas Day!

Popping in for a minute (between coughs and sneezes) to wish you, one and all, a Happy Michaelmas Season with a glimpse of my pretty Michaelmas Daisies in full bloom and a bitter sweet goodbye to summer with the help of two gorgeous embroideries I am eager to share!

Perfect Week to Indulge in Cream Puffs!

Delicious Custard filled Cream Puff

Custard Cream Puffs with Chocolate Topping

Who doesn't love cream puffs! Whether filled with sweetened whipped cream or luscious custard (my absolute favorite version), once we have eaten one, we never forget it!

How to Make "Punched Tin" Paper Angels

Punched Tin Paper Angels

Very simple "punched tin" paper angel ornament to make with the kids!

Since I celebrate both Guadalupe Day (December 12th) and St. Lucy Day (December 13th), I became very excited when I came up with this little ornament idea  -  a perfect ornament that blends two cultures whose special celebrations fall so close together. 

Recycle Christmas and Greeting Cards with My Friend TeriC

Holiday Cards

Today I am celebrating "90 Days Until Christmas"! And I am celebrating in two ways - testing out three different recipes for Speculaas cookies and sharing with all of you a most excellent idea for reusing all those "way too pretty to toss out" holiday (and birthday) cards.

Midsummer! Summer Solstice! Celebrate Summer!

The big guy

Celebrating the Summer Solstice and Midsummer - very big deal at our house but celebrated in the sweetest and simplest ways.

Kinderfest garden well

Fresh flowers are floated in my little "Kildefest Well" every day from now on until autumn equinox.

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